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Indoor Team Building Activities

Engage and Motivate

From short 30 minute team building activities to events lasting a few hours, we’ve got an indoor team building activity to suit all your needs.

Complete team challenges in the comfort of your own workplace or a conference venue in Sydney, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Central Coast and the Blue Mountains. Discover our range of indoor team building activities below.

Check out more of our Sydney team building activities here.

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Tike on Bikes Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Tikes on Bikes

This powerful and life changing experience is the perfect combination of teamwork and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Trading Floor Stock Market Indoor Activity

Trading Floor

Experience the buzz, intensity, and high stakes competition as you step into the shoes of real traders in our authentic simulation of the world stock markets.
Lego® Serious Play® Team

LEGO® Serious Play®

Get to the heart of the matter using the power and magic of LEGO®!

Six Thinking Hats

Understand and explore different types of thinking using the methods developed by Edward De Bono.
SolarBuddy Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


The SolarBuddy Corporate Program provides solar lights to schools, children and families living in remote areas of the world experiencing energy poverty.
Escape the Box Indoor Team Building Activity

Escape the Box

Immerse your team in a heart-pounding race against time with our gripping Escape the Box experience!
Bridge to Unity Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Bridge to Unity

An exciting collaborative construction project with teams working in unison to design and build an impressive bridge.
build to gift indoor team building

LEGO® Build to Gift

This heart-warming charitable event combines creative flair, construction skills & the joy of giving back to a children’s charity.
Battle of the Minds Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Battle of the Minds

Battle of the Minds is the ultimate indoor team building event for high impact in a short amount of time.
Lego Masters Indoor Team Building

LEGO® Masters

Wind back the clock as your team experiences the unbridled joy of imaginative play with the goal of creating an impressive LEGO® model!
Corporate Drumming Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Corporate Drumming

A musical journey where your team are the performers. The energy created in one of our corporate drumming events must be experienced to be believed!
Team Challenge Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Team Challenge

A fun and competitive indoor team building event where teams earn points in a series of lateral thinking challenges.
Cocktail Masterclass Pinnacle Team Events

Cocktail Master Class

The Cocktail Masterclass will give your team the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm in an exciting and interactive environment!
Grape To Glass Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Grape to Glass

This hands-on event will see teams compete to design their very own wine which they will present for judging to the expert winemaker.

Paint & Sip

Unleash the artist within! This is a great activity for teams to connect, create & unwind.
corporate meditating at work mindfulness

Mindfulness & Meditation

Elevate your team’s performance and wellbeing with our Mindfulness & Meditation experiences.

Team Masterpiece

Bring your conference themes, company values or mission statement to life in this creative event.

Helping Hands

Positively impact lives and construct prosthetics for landmine victims.
Water Works Charity Team Building Event - recipients using filtration system

Water Works

Minimise the number of people affected by water borne disease by constructing filtration units.
Escape Room Team Building Event Hero Image

Escape Room

Can your team escape? This exciting Escape Room challenge is the ultimate team building event that will test the sharpest minds.
Grape to Glass Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Wine Events

Wanting to treat your team after a long, hard day of conferencing?
Helping Hampers Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Helping Hampers

Give back to the community in this amazing working bee event.
Blockbuster Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Blockbuster Productions

Blockbuster Productions gives your delegates the chance to use their collective imagination to create their very own movie!
Project Pipeline Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Project Pipeline

Project Pipeline is a challenging construction event where your whole team will ultimately be working together as one to achieve a common goal.
The Pitch Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

The Pitch

The Pitch is an exciting innovation challenge that replicates the famous TV Show Shark Tank.

Indoor Team Building Activities – FAQs

What kind of indoor space do you require?

The indoor team building activity you choose will determine the kind of space required. Activities such as the Bridge to Unity, Project Pipeline, Blimp My Ride, F1 Rocket Racer & Tikes on Bikes all require an indoor room mostly free of furniture.

Our Grape to Glass, Team Challenge, SolarBuddy, Battle of the Minds, The Pitch & Lego Serious Play indoor team building activities are all great for rooms set cabaret style.

Our Corporate Drumming sessions are ideal for rooms set theatre style and our Escape Room challenge requires its very own room! Regardless of your room setup we have an indoor activity to suit & can always manoeuvre furniture as required. We will work directly with your conference venue regarding our requirements so that any stress regarding logistics is taken out of your hands.

How long before the activity do you need access to the room?

The activity you choose & therefore the amount of setup of required will determine how much time our facilitator(s) require in your conference room prior to the commencement of your indoor team building activity.

Indoor team building activities with little equipment & infrastructure such as SolarBuddy, Battle of the Minds & Lego Serious Play may only require a short bump in time of 20 minutes. Whereas activities with larger or many items of equipment such as our Corporate Drumming, Escape Room & Tikes on Bikes can take a lot longer to set up.

If using the same conference room for your indoor team building activity, for groups who have booked indoor team building activities that require a longer setup time we recommend that groups schedule a lunch or tea break between the sessions.

Do you require any A/V equipment?

Your indoor team building activity facilitator will liaise with you in the lead up to your event regarding any A/V equipment required for the activity you have chosen. For any groups over 40 people we suggest organising a microphone & speaker for our facilitator – this is also great to have for playing background music throughout the session!

Most activities do not require any further equipment however some indoor team building activities such as our SolarBuddy & Lego Serious Play require a projector & screen.

How many teams will our group be split into?

Many of our indoor team building activities are well suited to a cabaret style setup and therefore each table of 8 people will be one team. Activities such as SolarBuddy & Corporate Drumming don’t have teams, instead all members of your group are working together towards a common goal.

Other indoor team building activities including our Project Pipeline, Bridge to Unity & Tikes on Bikes are better suited to smaller teams of approximately 6 people per team.

Your host facilitator can randomly assign teams on the day of your event or we are happy if you would like to prearrange teams. If you’d like to organise your own teams, chat to your host facilitator about how many teams they would recommend for the indoor team building activity chosen.

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