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Corporate Drumming

About Corporate Drumming

A musical journey where your team are the active performers. The energy created in one of our corporate drumming events must be experienced to be believed!

Delegates enter the conference room and are greeted by the powerful sound of African drumming. Each person is invited to take a seat, pick up a drum (or other instrument) and join in. At this point our facilitator orchestrates the individual contributions into one unified team rhythm, through the use of layering and sound dynamics.

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20 minutes – 1.5 hours

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

There are no teams in the corporate drumming event. Instead, the whole group is working as ‘one team’ – together towards a common goal. The whole group goal is achieved when the various drum and percussion rhythms are blended together to create a harmonious & powerful piece of music.

We have a HUGE range of instruments to cater for all group sizes. Our facilitators can tailor a program to suit your needs, venue and time frame with the largest range of drums in Australia!

Often this event is tailored to suit conference themes and outcomes relating to working as one team, common goal & breaking down silos.

We require an indoor space for this activity, preferably set in horseshoe theatre style.

The Corporate Drumming events work best if they are a surprise for your group! Either as the first session of the day or straight after a meal break.

Please keep in mind that the drumming activity is LOUD and consider any other groups that may be impacted by the noise.

Corporate Drumming Options

Musical Tubes – 20 Minutes
Visualise yourself in a sea of colour and rhythm! Our vibrant, colourful musical tubes are perfect when only a short time is available.

Team Booster – 30 Minutes
This is the perfect product for a short sharp and effective energiser! This session will ignite your team for the conference ahead.

Team Builder – 45-60 Minutes
Our most popular program will allow your team to experience a musical journey creating energy, cohesion, spirit and unity all with the beat of a drum. A workshop like no other!

Team Challenge – 90 Minutes
The first hour is the workshop above followed by delegates dividing into teams to create their own rhythm that will be presented to the group and ultimately synced so all teams finish playing as one.

Key Benefits

Working As One Team

Uniting Teams



Building Trust



Stimulating Creativity




  • 20 minutes – 1.5 hours
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & assistant Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • All facilitation and equipment required
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size of the group however we usually require at least 30 minutes set up time prior to the delegates arriving for the Corporate Drumming events.

Because we require some time to set up the room we suggest that this session works well either first thing or after one of the breaks (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea) that way our team can have access to the room to set up.

Simply we need 1 chair per person – the best set up is ‘u’ shape for small groups and theatre style for large groups.

Yes it is great to have a microphone on a stand for the facilitators drum.