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Grape To Glass

About Grape To Glass

Discover the sommelier within! Pinnacle will provide you with your very own Hunter Valley winemaker who is willing to divulge the secret methods required to get the perfect wine from “Grape to Glass”.

This hands-on event will see teams compete to design their very own wine which they will present for judging to the expert winemaker.

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1 – 2 hours

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

The Grape to Glass team building event will see your delegates divided into teams of approximately 7 – 10 people.

We can host the Grape to Glass at almost any indoor venue as long as the venue is happy for us to be bringing in external wine for the activity.

Grape to Glass is most popular in the Hunter Valley wine region and is a great way to taste some award winning local wine.

If you are conferencing in the Hunter Valley we can arrange for this experience to take place in your conference venue or at a winery. We will arrange transfers to and from your conference venue to the winery as required.

If your event is outside the Hunter Valley we will bring the winemaker to you – we just need a room set cabaret style and about 30 minutes in the room to set up all the equipment required for your team to create their own blend of wine.

Grape To Glass Challenge

Each team will create their own wine which will be judged on the following criteria:

The Blend

Teams will have 3 different varietals to blend together to create a wine that is better than the sum of its parts.

The Label

Teams have label design kits and must present a label to represent their wine with a visually enticing design.

The Sales Pitch

Finally teams stand and deliver an entertaining sales pitch to the audience selling their wine above all others.

The team with the highest score overall will see their wine come to life as the winemaker will return to the winery and prepare 1 bottle of the winning teams wine for each participant to take home.

Key Benefits




Stimulating Creativity

Customer Service

Friendly Competition




  • 1 – 2 hours
  • A Hunter Valley winemaker to run the event
  • All facilitation and equipment required including glassware
  • 1 x Bottle of the winning blend of wine delivered to your group post-event
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • RSA certified staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the event is hosted by someone with their RSA.

This depends a little on the size of your group. For small groups with only a few teams this event takes up to 90 minutes. For large groups with many teams it will take the full 2 hours.

We use red wine as this works better with the blend.