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About Escape

Can your team escape? This exciting Escape Room challenge is the ultimate team building event that will test the sharpest minds.

Each team is “locked” in a room with a set time frame in which to escape before the world as we know it ceases to exist. Teams must follow the clues, solve the puzzles and unlock the secrets to ESCAPE! Teams race to uncover the 8 digit code that will ultimately set them free – will they do it in time?

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Indoor activity that requires 1 room per team


1 – 2 hours

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

The Escape team building event will see your delegates divided into teams of approximately 8 – 12 people.

Each team has only 90 minutes to uncover the 8-digit code that will ultimately allow them to escape the room. The winning team is the first team to successfully escape.

Often this event is tailored to suit conference themes and outcomes relating to communication, thinking outside the box, leadership, lateral thinking and problem solving. We’d recommend incorporating a whole team debrief at the end of the activity to reinforce these outcomes.

Each team requires their own room which can be conference rooms, hotel rooms, offices, boardrooms etc. Pinnacle requires 30 minutes in each room prior to the event to set everything up.

Key Benefits





Working As One Team


Problem Solving

Lateral Thinking

Friendly Competition

Critical Thinking


  • 1 – 2 hours
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & assistant Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • A backup indoor/wet weather program
  • All facilitation and equipment required
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • Gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team

Frequently Asked Questions

The Escape activity requires one room per team. Rooms can be conference rooms, hotel rooms, offices, boardrooms etc. The rooms should be pre-set with a table and chairs and we will do the rest! All we require is 30 minutes in each room prior to the event for set up.

As teams are racing to be the first to escape the finishing time varies for every group. Our record for the fastest time to escape is 62 minutes, whereas other teams will take the full 90 minutes to escape (plus time for the team briefing at the start & optional debrief at the end). We’d suggest organising morning or afternoon tea for when the activity finishes so teams can all get together & discuss the activity whilst waiting for any other teams to finish.

Hosting a team building activity debrief provides an invaluable platform for the members of your team to acknowledge what they’ve learned about themselves, about others and their interactions with one another. If you’re interested in incorporating a team building activity debrief, talk to us! We can link your set outcomes to the best activity and tailor the debrief questions to suit. We will help you find the lessons that will help your team be more productive & successful in the future.