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Pinnacle Team Events COVIDsafe Protocols & COVIDsafe Event Range

As the restriction on social gatherings and events are lifting, we are thrilled to be taking bookings for our in-person team building events. Many teams that have been working in isolation are now taking this opportunity to come together to reconnect, motivate and inspire their team.

To ensure we can deliver these much-needed team building events in a safe and responsible way we have created the Pinnacle Team Events COVIDsafe Protocols & COVIDsafe Event Range. This range of events was developed in line with the guidelines provided by Safe Work Australia and the NSW Governments COVID-19 Safety Plan for businesses. The COVIDsafe Event Range can be delivered to clients whose participant numbers and venue adhere to the current restrictions in place as stipulated by the NSW Government. The Pinnacle Team Events COVIDsafe Event Range are offered under the following Pinnacle Team Events COVIDsafe Protocols:

Pinnacle Team Events COVIDsafe Protocols:

  • Commencing all events with a COVIDsafe briefing delivered by the Pinnacle Team Events facilitation staff.
  • Hand sanitation for staff and participants throughout all events.
  • Cleaning equipment and any hard surfaces at the venue before, during and after each event.
  • Disposable gloves and disposable masks available for all participants.
  • Where reasonably practical staff and clients must adhere to physical distancing requirements keeping 1.5 meters apart.
  • Working with the client towards keeping a record of all participant contact details for 28 days post event.
  • Restricting access to any staff and participants who are feeling unwell or with flu like signs or symptoms.

Pinnacle Team Events COVIDsafe Event Range:

  • Archerykeep on target with this fun outdoor activity harnessing an ancient form of weaponry.
  • Corporate Drummingwork as one team to re-ignite the energy after lock down.
  • CarnivaleTeams go head-to-head in a series of fun games, sports and challenges – a great activity to get delegates outside in a friendly competitive environment!
  • Grape to GlassEnjoy the guidance of an expert Hunter Valley Winemaker as teams compete against one another to create a winning blend of red wine.
  • Risk Vs RewardTeams will encounter a variety of challenges and calculate the risk they are prepared to take to determine if they wind up as the business success story or filing for bankruptcy.
  • SurvivorCompetitive games that challenge the mind and promote teamwork and communication – Just like on the TV show ‘Survivor’ the goal is to outsmart, outwit and outplay your opponents.
  • ScrambleGet outside and enjoy the outdoors as teams collect team photos, answer location-based questions and undertake roadblock challenges.
  • SolarBuddyThe SolarBuddy Corporate Social Responsibility Program provides solar lights to schools, children and families living in energy poverty in remote areas of the world.
  • The Amazing RaceTeams aim to conquer all in this energetic outdoor event.
  • The PitchThe Pitch is an exciting innovation challenge that replicates the famous TV show Shark Tank.
  • Trivia ChallengeThis is certainly not your average pub trivia night! Be prepared for non-stop laughter as teams compete at rounds of trivia questions, music trivia, tv themes, challenge activities and much more.
  • A Night/Day at the RacesWe bring the thrill of the races to your next event complete with bookies, Fashions in the Field and of course some horse racing (on the big screen).

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Our COVIDsafe events are a great opportunity to reconnect, motivate and inspire your team to ACHIEVE as your organisation navigates the new normal. We are excited to support your team in coming together in a safe and responsible way.

For those teams that are still working and connecting remotely check out our range of virtual events here.