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Re-Engaging With Team Members After The Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or simply a long-weekend – holidays are a great time for everyone to get their minds off work and re-energised with some much needed downtime. As a Manager, you might expect your staff to be rested and ready to jump back into the swing of things when they return to work. However, often morale can be low and motivation hard to find. Developing a plan to engage your team and get them in the right mindset for work will do wonders for both your bottomline and workplace culture. Who doesn’t want happy employees that are more productive, less absent and work harder? Keep reading to learn more about engaging with team members after a holiday break!

Engaging team members

Benefits of Engaging with Team Members

Increased Productivity

It’s not rocket science, there is a lot of research that shows people who are engaged in their work achieve more than their non-engaged colleagues. This is because they enjoy their work and are committed to the overall goals of the company. Engaged employees take pride in what they do and want to produce high quality work.

Higher Employee Retention

Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the company they work for as they are satisfied with their work, the people they work with and feel part of the company’s ‘bigger picture’.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees = happy customers! In the words of Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group renowned for his “employees first” mantra:

“By putting the employee first, the customer effectively comes first by default, and in the end, the shareholder comes first by default as well.”

We discuss this in more detail in our blog post: Creating a Happier Workplace.

Lower Absenteeism

When employees are committed to your mission and care about both their job and their impact on the team, they’re going to show up. Engaged employees want to work and contribute to the overall success of the company they work for.

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Re-Engaging with Team Members

We know that engaged employees means a more productive, resilient and higher performing team so HOW do you engage with your team after a holiday break?

Welcome your Team Back to the Office

This doesn’t have to be a big team lunch or outing, simply getting the team together for some morning tea and catching up with everyone about their holiday is a great way to ease back into work. This is also a great opportunity to thank your team for their hard work & highlight their achievements over the past year or quarter. Taking the time to connect with your team and show your appreciation for their hard work will help in getting them engaged and motivated for the year ahead.

Set Goals

A plan to re-engage your team members must include goals that will motivate and excite your team for the year ahead. Every employee should be across the company’s goals and values, and also have an idea of what their personal short & long-term goals are within the company. Taking the time to discuss these goals and showing an interest in your employees team development will make your staff feel valued and more engaged with the team.

Encourage Teamwork

Employees who have strong, positive relationships with their colleagues tend to be more engaged with their workplace. Encourage teamwork and collaboration amongst your employees by creating opportunities for people to work together & get to know one another

Team Building

A well organised team building program will not only re-energise your team, it will help encourage teamwork & collaboration as well as reward your team for their hard work. Whether your team works face-to-face or remotely, Pinnacle Team Events have a range of Indoor, Outdoor & Virtual Team Building Activities perfect for engaging with team members after a holiday break. If you’re detecting a sense of disconnect and low morale within your team, call and chat to a member of our friendly staff about how we can help.

Want to know more, Pinnacle is a leader in Team Building Activities in Sydney, so click here to view our FAQs on all things team building.