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Team Bonding vs Team Building

Although they sound very much the same, team bonding, and team building ARE different and enhance your team in different ways. We break down team bonding vs team building below:

Team Bonding: Is all about strengthening the interpersonal relationships within your team: having fun together, sharing experiences & social cohesion.

Team Building: Is more focused on teaching your team new skills: creating more efficient and effective ways of collaborating with one another.

Team Bonding and Team Building share many commonalities that are integral to a successful team. However, by viewing Team Bonding and Team Building as separate needs (as defined above) you will be able to meet the strategic needs of your company more efficiently.

team having fun at work

Team Bonding

Team Bonding activities don’t have to have a clear objective other than having fun together in a shared experience. Team Bonding activities are great for helping establish positive relationships within a new team or as recurring events — whether it’s once a year or once a quarter — to keep morale high and maintain a thriving company culture. Some of our top team bonding activities include:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. These efforts can range from donating money to a charity to introducing environmentally friendly policies in the workplace. As discussed in our blog post CSR Events, Charity Events help forge stronger bonds between employee and corporation; they boost morale, boost employee engagement & help build trust.

From donating bikes to underprivileged kids in our Tikes on Bikes activity to making prosthetic hands for landmine victims in Helping Hands – our Charity Events are the perfect team bonding activity.

Click below to view our full list of charity events.

team bonding

Bring your team together with the unforgettable experience of racing around Sydney Harbour in your very own water taxi. In this activity your group will be split into teams and compete against one another in an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt, all on Sydney Harbour!

Friendly competition, teamwork and a day out on the water — reward your team with a shared experience they’ll speak about for years to come!

Water Taxi Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

If you want to unite your team with a special shared experience whilst having FUN – our Wine Olympics & Grape to Glass COMBO activity is for you!

To start, your group will be split into teams outdoors & engage in novelty wine-themed challenges such as cork tossing, grape squashing and waiter relay! Then, we head inside where teams will compete by designing their own wine under the guidance of a sommelier. Perfect for groups conferencing in a wine region, our Wine Olympics & Grape to Glass activities are the perfection combination of reward & team bonding.

Talk to us about our special COMBO pricing, click below!

There is nothing quite like the experience of Corporate Drumming. Delegates enter the conference room & are greeted by the huge sound created by our African djembe drums. Without speaking, our facilitator gestures for your delegates to join in on a drum or other musical instrument.

As your team drums along, our facilitator will mould each individual beat into a unified piece of music. A truly powerful activity perfect for team bonding, Corporate Drumming will energise your team for the day ahead & give your delegates an experience they will never forget.

Corporate Drumming Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

When planning a conference, many organisers focus mainly on the agenda for the day — jam packed with presentations and activities. However the evenings are just as important for providing delegates the opportunity to socialise and bond in a more relaxed setting.

Whether it’s a Casino Night or an entertaining evening of Spicks & Specks, get the most out of your conference dinner & include a Night Event to enliven & reward your team.

Click below to view our full menu of Night Events.

Games Night Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Team Building activities will have a clear objective which is usually related to some kind of skill gap in your team e.g. communication, critical thinking, leadership, working as one team.

Whether you’ve chosen one of our specially designed team building events OR we have tailored a bespoke team event to suit your needs — your team building activity will be determined by your desired outcomes. See below for some examples of our Team Building events & the desired outcomes they target:

Key Benefits: Communication, Leadership, Out Of The Box Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration.

Our Escape the room challenge will test the sharpest minds! Teams will need to work together, communicate & think out of the box if they want to escape within the allotted timeframe.

Click here to learn more about Escape.

Key Benefits: Problem Solving, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration

Our Survivor activity is perfect for teams wanting to hone their problem solving, communication and collaboration skills. Your group will be split into teams (tribes) and will compete against one another in a series of “immunity” style lateral thinking/problem solving challenges. Instead of voting team members out in tribal council, teams will be given the opportunity to steal points off the others. CLICK HERE to learn more about Survivor.

Survivor Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Your group will be split into teams (countries) and given the task of constructing a pipeline that will stretch from one side of their country to another, as well as meet up seamlessly with their neighbouring countries. Each country will be given slightly different resources and specifications for their pipelines, meaning teams will have to negotiate with one another in order for the overall connected pipeline to be a success.

A fun, construction style activity with powerful metaphors of working as one team. CLICK HERE to learn more about Project Pipeline.

Project Pipeline Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Key Benefits: Planning & Strategy, Communication, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Leadership

In this activity, your group will be split into teams and assigned an equal amount of money as the opposing teams. The goal for each team is to turn their money into the largest sum possible by calculating the risk they are will to take in a series of challenges focusing on problem solving, numeracy, hand-eye-coordination and teamwork. As the name suggests, this activity is all about Risk vs Reward! CLICK HERE to learn more about Risk vs Reward.

Wish Reward Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Improve Your Team with Team Building

These are just some of the examples of how our Team Building Activities can help your team collaborate and work together more efficiently. At Pinnacle, we have specially designed our events to meet the desired strategic outcomes most sought after by teams. If you want more information on team bonding vs team building, contact us now.

TALK TO US about the desired areas of improvement in your team and we’ll work with you to achieve these goals.