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Risk v Reward

About Risk v Reward

Many agree that “if you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats. But if you take no risks, you win no victories.”

In this business simulation program teams will encounter a variety of challenges where they calculate the risk they are prepared to take, determining if they wind up as the business success story or filing for bankruptcy. As the name suggests it’s all about risk versus reward! The goal for each team is to turn the sum of assigned money into the most possible within the allotted time.

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Any conference venue, city or urban area.


1 – 3 hours

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

The Risk vs Reward team building event will see your delegates divided into teams of approximately 8 people per team.

Teams are first issued with a sum of money to start their team business. Their goal is to invest a portion of their total at a series of team challenges that each present a different rate of return.

The key at each of the challenge activity sites is to weigh up the team’s skills and experience against the task and its return to achieve the best result.

At the end of the event each team’s business will present their total funds and provide an account of their overall performance. Did the team work well together and stick to their plan or was it a case of one bad decision after another? The total funds achieved will determine the overall winner of Risk versus Reward.

We can host this event anywhere be it your conference venue, the Sydney CBD or urban areas in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, South Coast and the Southern Highlands.

Example Roadblock Challenges

Number Triangle

Nine numbered tiles are laid out in a triangle shape. The team moves the tiles so that the addition of the numbers is equal on each side.

Eddy the Egg

Teams construct a space capsule device out of straws and tape to catch a raw egg dropped from 2 metres.

Water Pipeline

A challenge whereby teams are issued with equipment to construct a pipeline that must transport 2 litres of water from A to B. The team that successfully manages to transport the most water in the time frame will win!


Participants have the opportunity to channel Robin Hood in this mediaeval form of weaponry.

And more!

Key Benefits






Planning & Strategy

Problem Solving

Lateral Thinking

Friendly Competition

Time Management


  • 1 – 3 hours
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & amazing assistant Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • A backup indoor/wet weather program
  • All race facilitation and equipment including maps and coloured bandanas for your team
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • Gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a completely mobile service & will bring the Risk vs Reward activity to you! Whether it’s your conference venue, the Sydney CBD or the urban area surrounding your office we will tailor the activity to suit.

If it’s only drizzling and you would still like to proceed outdoors, we will come along with emergency ponchos for your group to use. Should proceeding outdoors not be feasible, we will supply a wet weather back up event; we simply need an indoor location to host this in. Usually the indoor location is your conference room or your office.

We will come along with gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team. It is totally up to you whether you would like to provide additional prizes. We suggest keeping the monetary value to a minimum e.g. boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine, movie vouchers.

Hosting a team building activity debrief provides an invaluable platform for the members of your team to acknowledge what they’ve learned about themselves, about others and their interactions with one another. If you’re interested in incorporating a team building activity debrief, talk to us! We can link your set outcomes to the best activity and tailor the debrief questions to suit. We will help you find the lessons that will help your team be more productive & successful in the future.