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Amazing Race Challenge Ideas

Amazing Race challenge ideas address a collection of strategic problem-solving tasks. The Amazing Race is the most popular team-building event – and for good reason. These ideas are loosely based on the hit TV show ‘The Amazing Race’. The Amazing Race style game is an action-packed adventure where teams navigate their way around the local area or conference resort undertaking team-based challenges. There are endless benefits when your team undertakes The Amazing Race challenge which may atone for its popularity. Benefits of The Amazing Race challenge include:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Diversify problem-solving skills
  • Improve innovative thinking
  • Friendships
  • Culture

Amazing Race Challenge Ideas for Adults

team during an amazing race event

Amazing Race challenge ideas for adults are designed to increase communication, problem-solving and creative thinking skills as well as create opportunities for corporate culture and friendships to grow.

House of Cards

The Amazing Race, as a corporate team-building event is based on the TV show. However, House of Cards is not based on the hit American TV show about power dynamics and politics. It is however based on playing cards. For this Amazing Race style game teams start with 16 tiles and each tile is assigned a suit and a colour. Each team must then create a 4 by 4 grid where each row, column and diagonal has one of each suit and colour. You may think this Amazing Race challenge idea is simple but getting into the flow of the activity as a team requires good problem-solving skills.

Spot On

This Amazing Race challenge idea for adults in corporate events engages delegates in a physical puzzle that enhances their ability to think laterally. Spot On requires teams to create a certain order of coloured dots in a 3 by 3 grid. Each dot contains instructions such as “the colour blue is in the middle but cannot be next to orange or diagonal to yellow”. The aim is to be the first team to create a layout that follows all rules and instructions with points awarded linearly from fastest to slowest.


Another Amazing Race challenge idea, Zoom is a puzzle that makes teams think about the bigger picture. Teams are handed a collection of what looks like vintage posters. These posters are a puzzle that teams must solve by placing the images together. At first, it seems as if it is just a street but then the street zooms out when teams place more posters around it and you realise that the street is in a magazine and then the magazine is in the hands of a person and then that person is actually a doll in a dolls house and so on. In Amazing Race style teams aim to figure out the puzzle and then the timeline of the story in chronological order.

Eddy the Egg

Eddy the Egg is a fun team-building challenge where teams construct a device out of straws and tape to catch a raw egg from two metres. Each individual in the team must contribute something to the final product so that the team is not just building their device based on one person’s idea.

Number Triangles

Amazing Race style games tend to be a mix of mathematical, word-based or lateral thinking challenges. Number Triangles don’t require complex mathematical thinking only simple maths. Kind of like a sudoku challenge, number triangles are an Amazing Race challenge idea for adults where teams receive tiles with numbers on them. The aim of the game is to get each side of the triangle to add up to the same number as all other sides.

Amazing Race Challenge Ideas for Youth/Students

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Amazing Race challenge ideas for youths vary from ideas for adults. Adults are a lot more likely to complete logical or problem-solving tasks mentioned above. Amazing Race challenge ideas for students are based upon hands-on lateral thinking with a slight increase in physical aspects to keep them active. Zoom, Eddy the Egg, and Number Triangles are also available for Amazing Race style games for students. Neuroplasticity plays a huge role in what types of Amazing Race challenge ideas are provided for youth groups or students. Some logical thinking games, depending on the age of the students, are completed faster than adults due to their flexible & creative minds. Another way to engage youths is with more hands-on lateral thinking activities.

Before they start the Amazing Race style game, it is recommended that students are provided with a range of warmups to enhance friendly competition and creative thinking. For this Amazing Race challenge idea for youths, students break up into groups of two and are instructed to choose one foot to stand on and grab each other’s hands. The aim of the game is to get your partner to put their foot down by unbalancing them. In this Amazing Race challenge idea, they must think outside the box to get the other to put their foot down and not simply push them over.

Hula Hoops

Hula hoops are an Amazing Race challenge idea for youths. They are laid in a snake-like shape on the ground and students are split into teams. Each team picks an end of the snake to start from. To make the journey down the snake, students must hop on one leg. Every 5 or so hops another player joins the snake from the end. When two players meet in the snake, they must engage in a game of scissors-paper-rock. The player who lost must step out of the snake and join the rest of their team to try the snake again and the player who won continues down the snake until they encounter another player where they must dual scissors-paper-rock again. The first team to get all players to the other side wins!


Engaging both lateral, hands-on thinking and teamwork, the Amazing Race style game Catapults, is where teams of students are given a catapult with tennis balls. One member of the team fires the catapult (at a safe velocity) and other members of the team work together to catch the ball and work out a way to get the ball back to its starting position through alternative routes. Each time the ball is fired members of the team, through trial and error, work out a system for efficiency. This Amazing Race challenge idea ensures that the students are learning about velocity, distance, weight, and time travelled in a hands-on experience.


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