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How to Motivate your Team

The most influential companies are always asking one question – How do you Motivate your Team? Understanding your team’s needs and wants in the workplace is a great way to begin motivating your team.

Any business with a motivated team ensures their team have goals to work towards. You may have heard of SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely), one of the keys to motivation. Without setting a SMART goal, your team will have no reason to be motivated. With nothing to work towards, your team will lack the motivation to move forward in their careers and thereby slow the growth of your company. To motivate your team towards their goals, get them to write their goals down and place them where they can see them every day. Motivating your team is easy if you follow simple steps and engage your team in regular team building activities, empowering them to achieve!

Man holding ladder to motivate a team

Benefits of Motivating your Team

What are the benefits of motivating your team? Why should you actively seek opportunities to motivate them? As you might have guessed, there are many benefits to motivating your team.

Increased Staff Morale

Staff morale refers to the overall feelings, beliefs, and attitudes of your employees. If you have low staff morale your team may be engaging in negative conversations. If you have high staff morale your team is likely supporting each other, reaching their goals through motivation. Companies whose staff have high morale outperform their competitors by 20%.

Staff preparing for team motivation

Increased Company Engagement

How do you motivate your team to be more productive and what are the benefits of productivity? Essentially, productivity is a bang for your buck. Whether that bang is sales, marketing initiatives or innovation and the buck is money or time, productivity ensures that you are maximising your company’s inputs to the rate of outputs provided by your team.

Increased Innovation

A clear benefit of motivating your team by increasing supportive discourse in your workspace is the immediate increase in your team’s confidence! A motivated team is much more likely to feel enthused about new ventures. With their confidence returned, your team will create fresh ideas and approach managers with new innovations, that will benefit your company.

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Steps on How to Motivate your Team

There is an endless number of benefits to motivating your team! But before you start reaping the benefits, you must take the first steps. A simple way for you to begin is by implementing a team building event into your schedule!

Project Pipeline

The notion of one team makes Project Pipeline a fantastic team building event if you’re questioning how to motivate your team! At the beginning of the event, your group is asked to construct a pipeline. As teams are finishing their individual pipelines, they must now connect the ends of their pipeline to make one large and winding path. This event emphasises how your team may have different roles in the workplace, but when they work together as one team, they can accomplish anything.

Lego Serious Play

You’re probably wondering how Lego has anything to do with motivating your team. However, that is what makes it a great motivational tool! Lego Serious Play is an alternative take on presentations and boring slideshow conferences that tend to bore your team. Designed by Lego’s corporate team, Lego Serious Play creates a unique way for companies and their teams to workshop, brainstorm, and create innovative ideas through the physical means of play and Lego.

Tikes on Bikes

How do you motivate your team? One of the easiest, yet most rewarding ways to ensure that your team return to the office motivated is to get them involved in a charity team building event. Empower your team by giving back to the community with a Tikes on Bikes program. Teams are led to believe they are constructing bikes that are going to be raced. However, as the kids emerge to receive their bikes you watch the atmosphere change, as delegates come to realise that it is all about the “bigger picture”. When your team is a part of something bigger than themselves, they are happier working for your company. That happy feeling will translate to higher morale and higher productivity, motivating your team


How do you motivate your team to complete a team building activity? You make the situation a hypothetical life or death challenge! Based on this concept, as an Amazing Race style event, Ransom is where teams must sort through clues, complete lateral thinking and problem-solving challenges to collect ransom money and save the boss from their kidnappers! As the timer ticks away, teams will race to designated challenge activation sites to acquire the ransom. Through common purpose, teams will collaborate to crush their common enemy. Once completed, your team will have blown off some steam and learned new ways of thinking through diverse challenge. Opening new pathways, motivating them to set and complete goals.


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