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EOFY Team Building Events

End of financial year. Four words that can strike fear into the heart of any employee at any level. EOFY can be a stressful time; targets need to be met, deadlines made and the pressure of it all can leave your employees feeling undervalued, unmotivated and burnt out. That is why, during such a time when companies ask the most from their employees, it is equally as important for companies to put in as much effort into how they will recognise all of this hard work.

The majority of companies we talk to during EOFY time regarding team building are usually wanting to both reward & reinvigorate their team with a meaningful activity that will leave everyone feeling valued, inspired & engaged.

At Pinnacle, we have a range of activities designed to meet these exact outcomes, and have listed them below to help assist with your EOFY team building plans:

Stronger Together

Want to show how strong your team can be when people simply work together? It may sound simple, however as you may know, it is very common for different teams within a company to become stuck working in silos & only focusing on their own goals.

Our top team building activities for getting your team working together towards a common goal include:

Project Pipeline

Teams will manage time, resources and personnel to build their countries pipeline. The challenge is then to negotiate with the other ‘countries’ to connect their pipelines to create one continuous pipeline. Teams will need to work against the clock and conflicting objectives to achieve the whole group goal.

Bridge to Unity

An exciting collaborative construction project with teams working in unison to design and construct an impressive bridge. Each team builds the bridge to their customer expectations while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines. The final sees each team’s individual bridge being installed as part of the extended company bridge and tested with a remote controlled car.

Corporate Drumming

A corporate drumming session will transform, motivate and inspire your delegates both as individuals and as a collective group. The Human Rhythms team will take them on an unforgettable musical journey, where laughter and elation is achieved in a high-energy interactive performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Purpose

Social responsibility is highly important to employees and one way to make your company more socially responsible whilst adding a touch of team building at the same time is to host one of our CSR team events. As we mentioned in our previous blog post “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Events”, CSR activities can help forge a stronger bond between employee and corporation; they can boost morale and can help both employees and employers feel more connected with the world around them. CSR activities help employees to feel proud of the company they work for and increases job satisfaction and productivity. Happy employees = better output.

Our top CSR team building activities include:

Tikes on Bikes

This powerful and life changing experience is the perfect combination of teamwork and corporate responsibility. Teams of delegates construct a brand new bicycle under the assumption they will ultimately be involved in a bike race. Just as teams are about to race – the surprise is unveiled and children from an under privileged charity group enter the room to receive their new bike! The atmosphere changes as delegates come to realise that it is all about the “bigger picture”.


The SolarBuddy Corporate Program provides solar lights to schools, children and families living in remote areas of the world experiencing energy poverty. We give companies, like yours, the opportunity to illuminate children’s lives. Your team will be educated about the importance of renewable energy and the ever-growing negative effect of energy poverty. Your team will then become a part of the solution as you build solar lights that will be sent to children living without access to power. They will know that their light will illuminate the life of a child in a remote area of the world and they will know that they have made a difference.

Race to Make a Difference

The Race to Make a Difference is a fast paced, action packed CSR event that culminates in the team giving back to a charity organisation. The goal for the participants is to be the team that raises the most $ for charity.

Helping Hampers

A fantastic activity that joins teamwork with corporate responsibility! Your group will feel a sense of achievement and cohesion when they construct Hampers from scratch to donate to a local charity.

Fun & Reward

Simply wanting to get your team together for a bit of fun & host a team activity as a reward? See our top picks for FUN activities below:

Water Taxi Treasure Hunt

Sydney Harbour is ranked the best harbour in the world and is the perfect backdrop for this unique team building event. The Water Taxi Treasure Hunt is a 3 hour adventure that explores the best sights of this world famous location. Teams will be competing against each other to race to the final location and uncover their team’s treasure.

Cocktail Masterclass

The Cocktail Master Class will give your team the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm in an exciting and interactive environment! This fantastic event is hosted by our team of professional bottle spinners who will start the evening with a bells and whistles demonstration of cocktail making followed by a master class in the art of mixing drinks.


Teams go head-to-head in a series of fun games, sports and challenges – a great activity to get delegates outside in a friendly competitive environment! Teams rotate through activity sites challenging their opponents at each task.

Casino Night  

An evening of interactive and competitive Casino challenges such as blackjack, roulette, craps, race of the aces and horse racing. Guests compete individually or as teams with our special casino chips to make the most money and claim the winning title.