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Staff Bonding Activities – Why is it Important?

Have you ever wondered why staff bonding activities are important to so many CEO’s mangers and team leaders? Why it is that they ensure staff bonding activities take place during team days and even in their day-to-day office culture? Well, these people have harnessed the power behind a united team. Where staff bonds are the driving factor behind productivity, low staff turnover, motivation and return on investment. How have the harnessed this power? By implementing team building and staff bonding activities that drive the notion of working towards a common goal as well as break down the barriers that hinder collaboration and connection within staff teams.

Benefits of Team Bonding

Staff bonding activities are full of benefits such as the below.

Minimise Procrastination

Hosting a staff bonding day where your team participates in a variety of fun staff bonding activities is a great way to minimise procrastination when they are back at work. How does a staff bonding game do this? Well, some staff bonding activities improve how your staff work together as a team. Through the activities outlined below your team can learn new ways of approaching issues and form strategic solutions. Instead of procrastinating when they stuck with an issue, they learn new way of tackling said issues through staff bonding challenges.

Build Rapport

You know the old saying ‘if you’re having fun at work, you’re not really working’ or at least it doesn’t feel like it. Building a rapport within your team through staff bonding activities is a great way to ensure that when they get back to the office each and every member of your staff has learned something new about each other. They can then tap into these new resources to laugh have fun and connect with their team.


Trust is the most important value for a team to have. Trust in your team ensures that each person understands and respects each other’s boundaries. They also trust that they will do their job so that you can continue with yours. There are no wires crossed or roles reversed. Staff bonding allows for trust to build in teams so that efficiency and productivity can improved. How can trust be developed through a staff bonding challenge? As teams undergo certain staff bonding activities outlined below, they will need to work together to complete the task successfully. Each team must have complete faith in one another to win the most points for their team.

Staff Bonding Ideas

There are many different staff bonding ideas. You may host a staff bonding day with staff bonding activities or staff bonding games. You can implement a quick break out session where teams compete in a virtual staff bonding challenges or even a quick indoor staff challenge like Bite the Bikkie or Marshmallow Towers. See below for the best staff bonding ideas.

Virtual Staff Bonding

Around The World

This online app-based games are one of the best virtual staff bonding ideas. Why does around the world fit the virtual staff bonding brief? Around the World will see your staff split into breakout rooms. Once they have arrived, they will be given there first challenge… Along the way they will earn points through trivia and photo or video-based challenges. Those points will enable them to purchase tickets for their next flight taking them “Around the World” to another country. Our favourite place to visit is Mexico where the challenge is to make your best ‘tequila face’.

The Go Game

What makes The Go Game another fantastic staff bonding game is that you don’t need to download an app to have some fun with your team! The Go Game is orchestrated through a browser webpage and is so easy to use even your older staff members will love this virtual staff bonding idea. If you are working in a remote or even hybrid format, this would be a great way to ensure staff bonding across the board! Staff bonding games that will make your team laugh out loud include trivia, Pictionary, charades, music challenges and employee fact match.

Outdoor Staff Bonding

Project Pipeline

If you are looking to ensue the notion of working as one team through a staff bonding activity. Build trust, connection and break down the barriers that exist between professionals the Project Pipeline is the staff bonding activity for your team! A staff bonding day that will see your team building a working aqua pipeline. This activity builds upon staff bonds as they work towards the common goal and must pool resources together, delegate tasks and work together in order to complete this staff bonding game.

The Amazing Race

The most popular staff bonding activity, the Amazing Race will bond any type of team. Whether its your admin, marketing, sales, or the whole team the Amazing Race has staff bonding at the centre of its creation. Your staff will place into teams where they will complete in a scavenger hunt. Hidden around the local area of your choosing are challenge activity sites where teams will compete in fun and interactive games designed to build trust, connection and improve problem solving skills within teams. The Amazing Race is designed to be hosted during your team bonding day with other fun team bonding activities, games, and ideas.

Indoor Staff Bonding

Ice Breakers

At the centre of staff bonding ideas is getting to know your colleagues. When your team hear the word Icebreakers they internally cringe a little don’t they? We’re all human, we’ve all attended something new, and we’ve had to say two truths and a lie or a ‘fun fact’. Don’t worry these Icebreaker challenges are nothing of the sort. They are fun, interactive and won’t make your team cringe even further away from each other. Staff bonding activities such as human bingo or balloon mascots are a fun way to spark deeper conversation and learn new things about the people we spend our professional time with building trust, minimising procrastination and building a rapport to allow for more laugh out loud moments in the office.

Spicks & Specks

This team bonding challenge is our take on the original Spick and Specks. A trivia night filled with nostalgia, hilariously good trivia and a chance to show your true creative side. This is an excellent way to ensure that your team are getting to know each other in unique ways that redefine their professional relationships. This event is always combined with a corporate dinner. It is a great way to ensure that no time is wasted and that all members of your team are taking part in a staff bonding activity in between the course of the meal.

If you are looking for unique ways to bond your staff through fun challenges and get to know activities contact our friendly staff today! Click the Enquire Now button to start.