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Fun at Work – Why Is It Important?

The fact that having fun at work is now a given in most businesses would be shocking to some. Work used to only be a place of important business. They would shy away from fun activities and the only way you could converse idly with your colleagues is if you all decided to hang out at the pub. These days we can see fun at work through team building activities. Corporations such as Google have sleep pods, table tennis, and chill out zones for their employees. But what about companies who don’t have access to these permanent fun activation objects? Team building activities for work allows smaller teams and those looking to spice up their everyday have fun at work through fun activities.

team having fun at work

What can Fun Activities do for your Team?

Allow for Breaks to Boost Productivity

It has been proven that taking breaks boosts productivity. But what about taking breaks by hosting fun activities at work? Implementing a quick fun activity at work can help your team to connect. A fun break means that when your team returns to their desks, they can view their work through a new lens. Taking a fun break can help your team to get to know one another and provide necessary rapport building.

Allow Space for Appreciation

Team building activities at work allow your team to come together for a fun and cohesive activity. It gives them the time outside of their usual work to gain an appreciation for each other. Not only do team building activities for work create space for appreciation and understanding of the team but also allow space for positive appreciation of the company and its leaders, managers, and CEO’s. Without fun at work teams can become resentful. They hear about other workplaces where they have casual Fridays with afternoon beers, an early clock off time or even a fun team building activity for work, and they start to envy those workplaces. This can decrease employee satisfaction and increase staff turnover.

Create a Safe Space

Do you remember starting a new job? You felt out of place at first and you were unsure of how to change that. Eventually, you start having fun at work with your colleagues and you begin to understand the way that each person works in their own unique way. Understanding their background, culture for efficiency at work. Fun at work can create a mutual beneficial relationship between each team member creating a safe space for understanding.

Team Building Activities for Work

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Bite the Bickie

For this fun activity all you will need is a packet of your teams’ favourite biscuit! Gather the team and set a timer for one minute. Each person will get the chance to see if they can do it the fastest. Each team member must tip their head back to an almost horizontal positions and then by moving only the muscles in their face get the biscuit to travel from their forehead into their mouth. This is a fantastic team building activity for work as it can be implemented quickly into a busy schedule.

Foil Towers

A quick team building activity to provide some fun at work during the day. Simply stop by your local grocery store on your way to work and grab enough aluminium foil for every team. Then quickly gather your team into a collaborative space. The team to build the tallest tower (standing on it’s own) in the limited amount of time wins!

Balloon Mascot

Get to know your teammates in this fun and unique exercise. You and your team will have to collaborate and converse to learn new things about each other. The goal is to design a balloon mascot that accurately represents your team. The process behind this task allows your participants to get to know each other in a unique way.


Team building activities for work can be hard for management to approve as they can be seen to be time consuming and take up precious productive work hours. What is unique about the Scramble is that it allows for team to have fun at work, explore outside their office and soak up the sunshine all in a quick fun team building! The Scramble is much like its big brother, the Amazing Race, only you can facilitate this event in less than hour for some fun at work (or up to two if you have more time for a fun team building activity). The checkpoint locations are set closer in proximity and there are fun alternate challenges along the way between these activity sites.

The games you may find your team playing during the scramble range of tangrams to anagrams, lateral thinking puzzles and challenges that will see your team using various new methods of communicating in order to win the challenge. The team at the end of the race with the most points will win the Scramble. What makes the Scramble fun at work? Well, you can start the race with a few riddles at your head office in the afternoon and finish the race at your teams favoured local pub or venue!

Trivia Games

Whether the fun activity is held during the day or at night it can be hard to find the time for fun at work. Trivia can sometimes seem like the easy way to implement a fun team building activity for work. But that’s because it is! There is so many unique angles that you can take with trivia, whether you hold it during the day to provide a fun work break activity or select a venue (and a great beverage package) and host a night of fun trivia. You can tailor the trivia to your company values or conference agendas or purely host it just for fun. You can even virtually host a trivia through third party providers such as Kahoot.


Are you looking to bring your team together? Pinnacle Team Events offer Team Building Activities for any large, medium or small business. Get in contact with the team below to discuss how we can bring the fun to your workplace!