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Empowering Teams to ACHIEVE …… Virtually

To Our Dear Pinnacle Team Events Community,

We are sending you a note to simply say that we are thinking of you all during this devastating time. We wish you and your team all the best as you navigate the myriad of decisions that lay ahead. Despite the challenging present, know that there is a bright future, as this crisis will end.

Pinnacle Team Events has spent the last 15 years aiming to empower teams to achieve. In the present time with most workplace teams working remotely from home it is important, now more than ever, to think about your team culture and connectedness. We have some FREE ideas to help your team to stay together even though you may be physically apart. Most of you will be using a video conferencing platform for your weekly team meetings. Why don’t you try one or all of these FREE ideas below:

  • Emoji Lookalike Competition – have all team members create their digital emoji and submit to you. You can compile the emojis and a prize can be sent to the person who has the emoji with the most / least resemblance.
  • Team Trivia – There is a great platform called Kahoot! that is so easy to set up and invite up to 1000 users. Participants can participate either in real time or have a deadline to submit their answers. You can create your own questions to be company specific or simply for fun.
  • Pet Meeting – team members with pets can place their pets in front of the screen so that all the pets can meet for the first 2 minutes of the conference call. You never know what they will achieve!
  • Song Stich up – choose a song for the whole team to sing. Send each individual the lyrics with their line highlighted. Have them record themselves singing that line and send it back to you. Stitch the videos together with an app such as iMovie and play at the start of the next weekly dial in meeting.
  • Scavenger Hunt – email the team with a list of items / photos / scavenger items that they need to find on their next social distancing outing.
  • Guess whose WFH station is that? – Have the team send a photo of their Work From Home station and the team must guess whose is whose.
  • Self-Isolation Comedy Videos – have team members submit a short film showing 5 days working from home: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3…. See how creative they get by day 5!
  • Daily Dial In – schedule a time everyday where team members can dial in for a morning tea coffee chat. Then as you close the meeting ask team members the following questions: What are you working on today? What is your biggest distraction and how can you ignore it? What attitude do you want to bring to your work today? Where do you want to direct your focus? The idea is that by announcing your intentions you will help to bring them to fruition and achieve.

Please reply with any other ideas you have as we would love to hear how you and your team are staying connected during this time. Rest assured Pinnacle Team Events will be here at the end of this crisis to support you in assisting your team with events.

When the time comes, we will be enthusiastic to assist in any way we can.

Take care and our most sincere well wishes to you and your team.

Remember working from home doesn’t have to be lonely – have some fun where you can and keep your team engaged and cultivate the workplace culture you have worked so hard to achieve.


Will, Ruth, Mitch, Sam & Corey from Pinnacle Team Events