Pinnacle Team Events

Indoor Team Building Activities

Tikes on Bikes

Make a difference in the life of an under privileged child. Feel the difference in the team after giving something back.



Any indoor venue


1 - 3 hours
Group Size


10 - 1000


Tikes on Bikes is a unique activity that provides delegates with an immense sense of achievement, unity and pride in their company. Delegates will assemble a brand new bike out of the box under the assumption someone from within the team will race their newly built bike. However the twist occurs in the tail of the event when the delegates donate the brand new bikes to under privileged kids from a local charity group.

Delegates will be divided into teams and presented with a box containing parts to build a bike. Delegates will be lead to believe that each team will need to nominate a champion cyclist to compete in the BMX race. The team who wins the BMX race will win prizes. Just before the bikes are taken outside for the race delegates will be informed that they are actually donating the bikes they have built to underprivileged children. Each child will be specifically matched up with a bike of the right size and given a helmet so they can begin riding immediately.

This event will be remembered forever!