Pinnacle Team Events

Indoor Team Building

Team Challenge

The Team Challenge is an indoor team building event designed to take place in a conference room to provide a fun, competitive and engaging experience.



Indoor, private room with 1 x table per team


60 - 90 minutes
Group Size


10 - 500


All of the tasks in the team challenge require the entire team to plan, problem solve, communicate, think outside the square and ultimately work together. The tasks vary from engineering and mathematical to creative and design as teams aim to outscore their opponents at this wide variety of tasks. Teams are either racing to be the first to complete or must solve the task within a designated times end.

Sample Activities Include:

Balloon Mascot - Teams are given modelling balloons and asked to design a mascot that best reflects their team. Points are given based on imagination and reasoning.

Foil Towers - Teams race against the clock to build the tallest tower using only foil.

Eddy the Egg - Teams construct a space capsule device out of straws and tape to catch a raw egg dropped from 2 metres.

Block Art - Channel your inner Picasso with this art inspired challenge! Nailed It: It appears impossible however if you think outside the square you can balance 12 nails on just one nail head.