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Take 5 With Pinnacle – Will

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Pinnacle Team Events facilitator tick then you have come to the right place! Each month we will be taking 5 minutes to chat with each of our facilitators about their lives both inside and outside of work.

Will Mason – Pinnacle Team Events Director

Will Mason Pinnacle Team Events Director

What I love about being a Pinnacle Facilitator:
Meeting new people and working in a different environment every day.
My favourite Pinnacle team event to facilitate:
Easy – Tikes on Bikes. Being there to witness a group donate bikes to underprivileged kids and help a company make such a big impact on some deserving kids is really heart-warming.
Most embarrassing moment as a Pinnacle facilitator:
I can’t deal Blackjack….. my maths is too slow!
My favourite hobbies are:
Mountain Biking, Kayaking and adventure races.

What I’m listening to at the moment:
Podcast –  Casefile: True Crime
What was the last book you read?:
On the Trail of Genghis Khan
Favourite holiday?:
I’m easily pleased – as long as my wife and two girls are there I’m happy!

Have you ever had a nickname?:
Several – Bilby, Bill, Wonder Boy, Maso, Willo

I am frightened by _____ :
Scary movies….. I just can’t do horror films!
Favourite movie of all time:
Life is Beautiful
First concert I went to:
Hmmmm …. Perhaps Homebake Festival
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:
I do love skiing and mountain biking so a pad in the French Alps would be pretty sweet.
What makes you angry:
Voice to text answering services
What makes you laugh the most:
My kids

What song would you sing at karaoke night?:
Ice Ice Baby