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Take 5 With Pinnacle – Tim

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Pinnacle Team Events facilitator tick then you have come to the right place! Each month we will be taking 5 minutes to chat with each of our facilitators about their lives both inside and outside of work.

Tim Orgias Pinnacle Team Events Facilitator

What do you love about hosting the Corporate Drumming events?
I love the power the drums have to quickly unify any group on a common pulse.
I love that the rhythm anchors our attention in the present moment, having the natural by-product of joy & laughter.
Favourite moment as a corporate drumming facilitator:
There have been many favourite moments, but a standout would have to be leading a group of 1400 delegates in Sydney Town Hall from a rocking unified rhythm into complete silence! So Incredible! 🙂
Most embarrassing moment as a facilitator:
In the early days I learnt quickly that pointing fingers is considered highly disrespectful in some cultures. Segmenting a team into sub-groups using pointed fingers was an absolute disaster on one occasion! 
My favourite hobbies are:
Soft sand running meditation, drumming of course & philosophical/world-religion studies.
Band I’m listening to at the moment/podcast recommendation:
Podcast Recommendation – Buddha at the Gas Pump
What was the last book you read?:
I am reading ‘The Contemplative Life’ by Joel S Goldsmith
Favourite holiday?:
Bali meditation, surfing & yoga adventures!
Have you ever had a nickname?:
Yes – Timbo, Timmy, Stem.
I am frightened by _____ :
Still a bit frightened by death!
Favourite movie of all time:
Not sure really…. The Matrix was awesome & I remember being blown away by the first Star Wars Trilogy
First concert I went to:
John Farnham when I was 10 years old, he came to our small town sports ground.
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:
Copacabana, NSW Australia.
What makes you angry:
I often tell my kids that the only things that make me cranky are disrespect, fighting & whinging!
Otherwise I think I am pretty good, lol 😁
What makes you laugh the most:
Usually when I realise the ridiculous nature of some long-held but false belief system.
What song would you sing at karaoke night?:
Let it Be – John Lennon