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Take 5 With Pinnacle – Kieran

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Pinnacle Team Events facilitator tick then you have come to the right place! Each month we will be taking 5 minutes to chat with each of our facilitators about their lives both inside and outside of work.

How long I have been working for Pinnacle:
I think about 5 years now!

My favourite Pinnacle team event to facilitate:
If I can’t be the fugitive, then Sand Castles all the way!

Most embarrassing moment as a Pinnacle facilitator:
Decided to sit down to lunch at a nice outdoor cafe as my Fugitive position. I thought I was very cool until I realised I’d left my wallet in the Pinnacle van and had to call Mitch and be rescued because I couldn’t pay my bill. Not so cool.

My favourite hobbies are:
Playing guitar and photography

Band I’m listening to at the moment/podcast recommendation:
Matt Dorrien

What was the last book you read?:
A biography on Van Morrison

Favourite holiday?:
My Yearly winter escape to Tilba with my friends

Have you ever had a nickname?:

I am frightened by _____ :

Favourite movie of all time:
Too hard!

First concert I went to:
I think it was Big Day Out 2005?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:
I’m still looking for my perfect place

What makes you angry:

What makes you laugh the most:
The Simpsons

What song would you sing at karaoke night?:
Hound Dog