Pinnacle Team Events

An Exciting Team Challenge

Survivor - Sydney & NSW

Outlast, Outwit and Outplay your opponents in a team building event based on the hit TV series Survivor. Don't worry - we have changed the rules so you won't get voted out of a job!



Any outdoor space


1.5 - 3 hours
Group Size


10 - 1000


Survivor - Corporate Team Building

Upon arriving delegates will be separated into their tribes. Each tribe will be issued with a blank team flag and their first task is to decide upon a tribe name and paint their Team's flag.

Then the competition begins! The tribes will compete against each other at a series of "Survivor Style" team challenges. Each challenge requires the tribe to outwit, outplay and hopefully outlast their rival teams. Points are awarded for the winning tribe at each challenge. The tribe with the highest score at the conclusion of the event will be hailed the winners.

Challenges focus more on lateral thinking, problem solving and teamwork than physical strength, speed or endurance. Unlike the TV Show Tribes will not vote members out of their team!