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The Concept

The SolarBuddy Corporate Program provides solar lights to schools, children and families living in remote areas of the world. We give companies, like yours, the opportunity to illuminate children’s lives. The lights take about 30 mins to put together and instructions are supplied with your resources kit. Your team will be educated about the importance of renewable energy and the ever-growing negative effect of energy poverty. 

The program allows your team to engage and really make a difference.  They will be able to write personal messages to the children and families who will receive their light. They will know that their light will illuminate the life of a child in a remote area of the world and they will know that they have made a difference.

How It Works

The lights come unassembled in a box containing 50 lights. The delegates will receive instructions on how to assemble their light and then write a letter to the recipient of their light…. i.e. their solar buddy. We will have a facilitator on hand to introduce the event and assist with any issues as well as host a Q&A about SolarBuddy post event. After we have delivered the SolarBuddy lights made by your company we will send a report with images of the children receiving the lights and the personal letter’s your team have written and information about the area the lights were delivered to.

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