Pinnacle Team Events

An Exciting Outdoor Event

The Scramble

The Scramble is a modified version of our Amazing Race event for those groups tight on time and or budget.



Any urban or resort area


1.5 - 2 hours
Group Size


10 - 1000


This exciting outdoor event will see teams race around the local area taking team photos, collecting scavenger items, solving IQ Tests and passing through a roadblock challenge activity site. Teams will be issued a map of the local area showing their start, finish and roadblock location and a list of photos to take and scavenger items to collect. Teams aim to outscore their opponents with each scavenger item, team photo and correct IQ answer adding to their score. When teams arrive at the final location they submit their items, photos and answers to the Pinnacle team for marking. The event is tailored to suit the location the City Scramble is perfect for urban areas and the Resort Scramble a great option for those staying at a conference venue.

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