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Murder Mystery

Corporate Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party is a fun and extremely silly game of 'whodunit' hosted by the MURDER MYSTERY FUN team. The aim of the game is very simple; solve a murder before the guilty party strikes again. What makes this activity truly special is that your guests play the chief murder suspects. Your guests get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem as they dodge accusations and get sucked into red herrings.



Any indoor location


Usually conducted around an evening meal
Group Size


10 - 1000


Solve the Murder Mystery before they Strike Again

Everyone who attends a murder mystery plays a part in the investigation. Each delegate will be provided an individual character sheet that contains clear and simple instructions about the murder mystery and how to play.

From the start we encourage everyone to mingle in character and find out as much as they can. This creates atmosphere and helps your guests get into the spirit of the night. The night is divided into two 30-40 minute sets and begins when the Chief Inspector stands in the middle of the room and questions the major suspects.

We break for the main meal giving everyone a chance to eat and reflect on events and any clues that may have been presented during the first act. After the main meal the second act begins with accusations being made and red herrings getting in the way of things. As the second act draws to a close everyone is given the opportunity to write down who they think is the murderer. Some of these theories are read out and finally the murderer is revealed to much applause.

A fabulous event and if your team likes to dress up this would be the perfect event as each character can be prescribed prior to the event.