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Solve the Crime Online

About Solve the Crime Online

A Virtual Murder Mystery Party where your online work from home team are the stars of the show.

We have adapted our very popular Murder Mystery event to be facilitated by our online detective. Each of your team will play the part of a character within the crime. Characters will be emailed their role prior and will Zoom into the meeting dressed as their character ready to spread gossip, tell their characters story and ultimately work together to solve the crime online.

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N/A virtual team building event


60 – 90 minutes

Group Size

10 – 50+
Best experience = 25 players per room

Key Facts

There are no teams in our Solve the Crime Online activity. Instead, your delegates are operating as individuals and the activity itself is more of an entertaining, interactive whole group experience than a team event.

Everyone who attends our virtual murder mystery party plays a part in the investigation. Once we have some basic details about your event, we will send out character sheets for you to distribute to your employees. Each character sheet contains clear and simple instructions about the murder mystery event and how to play.

Our Online Detective will host the virtual event from their studio complete with props, costumes and music to create a great production for your team.

A great event for a group who love a dress-up and aren’t afraid to play a character in front of a group.

Key Benefits


Friendly Competition




  • 90 minutes
  • A Pinnacle host to run the event

Frequently Asked Questions

The Great Capital Caper – Travel to the sleazy underworld of Chicago of the 1930’s to find out who shot Vince “The Knife” Spagatelli. Could it have been something to do with his robbery of the Capital Bank or is the boss, Tyrone “The Shark” Grappa trying to keep control of the mob? Put on an old suit and a bad accent to become a gangster, gangster’s mole or a crooked politician and swing along to our most popular scenarios.

We can create a theme to suit your team if needed.

YES! We strongly advise that your group dress-up and get into the spirit of the Solve the Crime Online event.

Each character is normally given a single sheet of paper containing character details to help your delegates dress up, secrets if you are a witnesses or major suspect, gossip about other guests to spread about and sometimes an objective to reach during the night. These are not scripts to learn but simple one-page fun instructions. Don’t worry, our Detective will always help you