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Online HonkyTonk

About Online HonkyTonk

An online barn dance that will get your team moving together as one!

Your online host will be dressed with hat, shirt and boots – guitar in hand and ready to teach you and your team line dancing. Your work from home team will learn the basics of line dancing as they dance and laugh together from the safety of their home office.

This virtual event is designed for a team that like to dress up and have a good time. The perfect way to inject some fun and energy into your virtual team drinks. So, grab a hat, put on your jeans and boots and join our HonkyTonk host for this Online Line Dancing show.

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N/A virtual team building event


30 – 45 minutes

Group Size

10 – 50+

Key Facts

There are no teams in our HonkyTonk event. Instead, your delegates are line dancing from the comfort of their homes and the activity itself is more of an entertaining, interactive whole group experience than a team event.

All dances are taught and ‘called’ by our facilitator via zoom at the time of the event.

We definitely encourage your group to dress up in Country and Western theme! This adds a great energy to the event and ensures your delegates will look the part as they dance their cowboy blues away as a whole group.


  • 30 – 45 minutes
  • A HonkyTonk host/facilitator

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly advise that your group dress-up and get into the spirit of the Online HonkyTonk event.