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Murder Mystery Night

About Murder Mystery Night

A murder mystery is a fun, exciting and extremely silly game of ‘whodunit’.

The aim of the game is very simple; solve a murder before the guilty party strikes again! What makes this activity truly special is your guests play the chief murder suspects with every delegate playing a different yet crucial character to the overall story. Your guests get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem as they dodge accusations and get sucked into red herrings. At the conclusion of the night everyone is given the opportunity to write down who they think is the murderer before the big reveal!

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Usually hosted throughout your evening meal

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

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There are no teams in our Murder Mystery Night activity. Instead, your delegates are operating as individuals and the activity itself is more of an entertaining, interactive whole group experience than a team event.

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Everyone who attends a murder mystery plays a part in the investigation. Once we have some basic details about your event we will send out character sheets for you to distribute to your guests. Each character sheet contains clear and simple instructions about the murder mystery and how to play.

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We will fit in with the agenda of the evening however usually the Murder Mystery Night unfolds in the following sequence. Right from the start of pre-dinner drinks we encourage everyone to mingle in character and find out as much as they can about the other characters. This helps your delegates get into the spirit of the night and creates atmosphere.

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The night is then divided into two 30-40 minute sets and usually fills the space between the entree and the main, the main and the dessert. During this time, our facilitator playing the role of the Chief Inspector stands in the middle of the room and questions the major suspects and witnesses.

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As the second act draws to a close everyone is given the opportunity to write down who they think is the murderer. Some of these theories are read out and finally the murderer is revealed to much applause.

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This event is well suited to any style of event whether it be a sit-down meal or cocktail style.

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Depending on your group size all we require is a microphone for our facilitator with an AUX connection and a stage or central area for the performance.

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A great event for a group who loves to dress-up and aren’t afraid to get up and perform in front of a crowd.

Example Murder Mystery Themes:

The Great Capital Caper
Travel to the sleazy underworld of Chicago of the 1930’s, put on an old suit and a bad accent to become a gangster, gangster’s mole or a crooked politician and swing along to one of our most popular scenarios.

The Will to Kill
A very English scenario of feuding families, a disgruntled butler, a maid with a secret, jealousy and revenge. A classic “Agatha Christie” type whodunit for those who enjoy their mystery with a twist.

Santa Sleighing
Santa is missing, the elves are angry and Rudolph’s nose is unusually bright. Find out the real secrets behind this Christmas cheer and discover who is killing the true spirit of Christmas.

Wild Wild West
Yeeha! Grab your hat and put on your spurs as there are some varmints out there that need to be tickled with your shooting irons. A wild case in the even wilder west.

That Sinking Feeling
A mystery set aboard the last night of the Titanic that combines historical fact with the popular movie. A mystery that goes full steam ahead.

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Key Benefits

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Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Friendly Competition

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Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


Murder Mystery Night Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


  • Throughout your evening meal or 1.5 hours for a straight Murder Mystery (no breaks)
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & assistance Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • All facilitation and equipment required
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

The Murder Mystery Night is an indoor activity that simply requires a stage or central space in your dining room for the action to take place.

Yes! We have over 20 different Murder Mystery themes to choose from and can even tailor the theme location, time period or characters to suit your event.

You decide who does what based on how you think your guests would like to participate. Each of our Murder Mystery themes have over 60 different individual characters to choose from with approximately 6 – 10 “major suspects” who are questioned by our detective in front of everyone, another 8 – 12 “witnesses” with something to say or do and the remainder with something smaller to add. We organise, change genders and cut down the characters to suit your group. We are flexible and realise some groups only want the major suspects and witness characters while others want everyone to have a role.

We strongly advise that your group dress-up and get into the spirit of the Murder Mystery Night. We do not have full costumes for each and every character, however, can organise costume accessories for your group such as wigs, hats, glasses etc. Talk to us if you would like to add these to your event at an additional cost.

Each character is normally given a single sheet of paper containing character details to help your delegates dress up, secrets if you are a witness or major suspect, gossip about other guests to spread about and sometimes an objective to reach during the night. These are not scripts to learn but simple one-page fun instructions. Don’t worry, our Detective will always help you!

For groups over 20 people all we need is a microphone and AUX connection.

Yes! As your activity will be taking place during the course of dinner it would be great if you could organise a supplier meal for our host.