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Minute to Win It

About Minute to Win It

This hilarious and interactive evening will definitely be one to remember.

Table groups compete against each other in a series of interactive and entertaining challenges that require participants to complete hilarious tasks such as ‘Bite the Bickie’ and ‘Blind Ball’. As the name suggests participants have the added pressure of time… with just ONE MINUTE TO WIN IT!

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Usually hosted throughout your evening meal

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

The Minute to Win It Challenge team building event will see your delegates divided into teams of approximately 8 people per team.

We will fit in with the agenda of the evening and usually fill the space between the entree and the main, the main and the dessert.

Minute to Win It challenges require one person per team to compete on behalf of their team whilst the crowd cheers in support.

There are many challenges throughout the night so everyone will participate in a challenge at least once throughout the night.

The team with the highest score at the conclusion of the night will be crowned the winners.

This event requires minimal setup and pack up so is a great option to inject some fun, competition and teamwork into a tight conference agenda.

A great event for a lively and competitive group who aren’t afraid to get up and perform in front of a crowd.

Example Minute to Win It Challenges:

Bite the Bickie
Contestants place an Oreo on their forehead and using only facial movements, try to manoeuvre the biscuit down their face into their mouth!

Fish Head
Using a fishing rod with a lamp shade attached to the end of the line, blindfolded contestants must try to land the lamp shade on their head!

Stack Attack
Contestants must arrange the cups into a perfect pyramid, then return them to their original stack. It’s harder than it looks!

Bobble Head
With a pedometer strapped to their heads, contestants bounce their head up and down to register as many bobbles as possible within the minute.

Key Benefits





Problem Solving

Friendly Competition



  • Throughout your evening meal or 1.5 hours for straight Minute to Win It (no breaks)
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & assistant Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • All facilitation and equipment required
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • Gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team

Frequently Asked Questions

The Minute to Win It can be hosted indoors or outdoors and can be tailored to suit a sit-down meal or cocktail style event.

For groups over 20 people all we need is a microphone and AUX connection. Let us know if your venue does not have this kind of equipment available and we can chat to you about the hire options for a portable PA system. We do not require a projector and screen, or any paper or pens for this event. We will come along with all other materials required for the activity.

Yes! As your activity will be taking place during the course of dinner it would be great if you could organise a supplier meal for our host.

If you’re having a cocktail style event or you’d simply prefer for delegates to compete individually we can definitely tailor the format of the night to suit.