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Initiative Matrix

About Initiative Matrix

A traditional team building event filled with lateral thinking team challenges that require planning, teamwork, communication, problem solving & ingenuity.

The challenges are impossible on your own and require the whole team working together to succeed. The challenges are spread around the conference venue and teams undertake each task one at a time with success at each task granting the teams a piece of the Matrix Puzzle. How will your team fair? Will they solve the Matrix in time?

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Any conference venue, city or urban area.


1 – 3.5 hours

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Key Facts

The Initiative Matrix team building event will see your delegates divided into teams of approximately 8-10 people who will be accompanied by a Pinnacle Team Events Facilitator.

Each team will be issued with a map and clues leading to the challenge tasks.

Upon successful completion of each task the group is awarded with a piece of “The Matrix”. Teams will use these pieces to reveal the final location and final challenge, which is a debriefing presentation that encourages the team to consider their own performance and that of their team.

Teams aim to earn maximum points at each challenge activity site before moving onto the next site. We have a huge list of activity site options designed to suit your team, event location and your budget.

Often this event is tailored to suit particular conference themes and outcomes; we have a vast array of ideas on how this can be achieved.

The first team to the finish location is not necessarily the winner, instead the winning team is determined by the number of points accumulated.

We can host this event anywhere be it your conference venue, the Sydney CBD or urban areas in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, South Coast and the Southern Highlands.

Example Challenges

Holey Pole

Remove the ping pong ball from a vertical pole with holes…. The solution = water!

Bound & Gagged

The team is bound together by ropes and must think laterally to break free.


Team members unveil 2 items at a time. How many pairs can you get with your combined memory?

Many Things

20 seconds isn’t long…. How many things can you remember from such a short time?

Nailed It 

It appears impossible however if you think outside the square you can balance 12 nails on just one nail head.

And more!

Key Benefits




Planning & Strategy


Critical Thinking

Lateral Thinking

Problem Solving

Friendly Competition

Time Management


  • 1 – 3.5 hours
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & amazing assistant Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • A backup indoor/wet weather program
  • All facilitation and equipment including maps and coloured bandanas for your team
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • Gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a completely mobile service & will bring the Initiative Matrix to you! Whether it’s your conference venue, the Sydney CBD or the urban area surrounding your office we will tailor the activity to suit.

Yes, we can certainly recommend areas that work really well for the Initiative Matrix. Feel free to call us to discuss your location and we can make suggestions of where will work for your team.

Hosting a team building activity debrief provides an invaluable platform for the members of your team to acknowledge what they’ve learned about themselves, about others and their interactions with one another. If you’re interested in incorporating a team building activity debrief, talk to us! We can link your set outcomes to the best activity and tailor the debrief questions to suit. We will help you find the lessons that will help your team be more productive & successful in the future.

Absolutely! No two events are ever the same and we are happy to tailor the activity to suit your desired outcomes for the day. We will work with you to creatively incorporate your conference theme, new product, core values or any other ideas you have into the challenges or overall activity.

If it’s only drizzling and you would still like to proceed outdoors, we will come along with emergency ponchos for your group to use. Should proceeding outdoors not be feasible, we will supply a wet weather back up event; we simply need an indoor location to host this in. Usually the indoor location is your conference room or your office.