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Beat The Buzzer Trivia

About Beat The Buzzer Trivia

Virtual Trivia held on a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom, in conjunction with Kahoot! allows all players to compete against each other in real time.

Your Pinnacle Trivia host will lead the event from start to finish. Participants compete as individuals seeing the questions appear on their computers (Zoom) and submitting the answers on their phones (Kahoot!). Questions are multiple choice and there are bonus points awarded for the fastest correct responses.

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N/A virtual team building event


45 – 60 minutes

Group Size

10 – 1000+

Beat The Buzzer Trivia Virtual Team Building Activity

Key Facts

The Beat the Buzzer Trivia event will see your delegates face off against each other individually for ultimate bragging rights!

The trivia will be divided into 3 rounds of 20 questions and the questions can be tailored to suit your group.

The 3 rounds of trivia questions are generally split up so that round 1 is general knowledge, round 2 is entertainment (music, TV, movies) and round 3 is image/video/audio based.

The person with the highest score at the conclusion of the event will be crowned the winner!

This event requires minimal setup and can be facilitated on your video conferencing platform of choice making it a great option to inject some fun, socialising and competition into a team that have been busy working from home.

Often this event is tailored to suit particular event themes and outcomes. Let us know if you would like to centre the questions of your Beat the Buzzer Trivia around a special theme or if you have some company specific questions you would like to incorporate.

Key Benefits




Friendly Competition


Problem Solving

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! From 80’s nights to Disney themes we can tailor the trivia questions to suit. If you’d like to incorporate content from the conference session earlier in the day or simply include some company specific questions just let us know, we are more than happy to incorporate these into your evening.