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About Archery

This ancient form of medieval weaponry is a great event to get your team having fun together and on target!

A competitive archery session will awaken and refocus your delegates during your next conference. This team building event is suitable for delegates of all fitness levels and abilities. Your team will love the rare opportunity to feel the power of firing an arrow! Available at conference venues with an appropriate space – they are real arrows after all!

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Outdoors in a suitable open grassed area


45 mins – 2 hours

Group Size

10 – 80

Key Facts

The Archery team building event is great for groups up to 40 people divided into teams that compete head-to-head aiming to outscore their opponents. If you have a larger group, we suggest pairing this event with Laser Clay Shooting to eliminate down time where participants are not actively involved.

In this engaging activity our facilitator begins with a structured lesson outlining correct technique. Our facilitator then remains on hand to oversee technique and enforce all safety procedures.

All delegates will have plenty of firing time and be kept entertained as teams are involved in various competitions and games that all involve shooting arrows at the target.

This activity is very popular and loads of fun for males and females of all ages, fitness levels and physical ability levels.

As this event involves delegates firing real arrows the space available to host this activity must allow for a large grassed firing range. We are permitted to hold the event on private land such as conference venues however most councils do not allow this event on public land.

Example Archery Challenges

Balloon Burst

Some balloons are worth bonus points, some reduce your score – hitting one at all is a thrill!

Reverse Bullseye

A game that flips the scoring on its head to test the sharpest shooters.


Once your skills are honed this game will see your team have to hit one of every colour before you can move onto the next stage. 

Sharpest Individual Shooter 

We will have heats, semis and finals to determine who is the sharpest shooter in your team.

Key Benefits





Friendly Competition



  • 45 mins – 2 hours
  • A Pinnacle host / MC & amazing assistant Pinnacle facilitators to run the event
  • A backup indoor/wet weather program
  • All facilitation and equipment
  • $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • Gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a completely mobile service & will bring Archery to you! Most councils do not allow Archery in a public space (i.e. a public park, oval, reserve or beach). Therefore, we require a privately-owned outdoor space such as a conference venue. If you’re unsure whether the space you have in mind is suitable, give us a call!

If it’s only drizzling and the weather isn’t too wild, we will bring along gazebos for your group to stand under whilst participating in the Archery activity. Should proceeding outdoors not be feasible, we will supply a wet weather back up event; we simply need an indoor location to host this in. Usually the indoor location is your conference room or your office.

Team members rotate through the various Archery Challenges in quick succession to ensure everyone is engaged for the duration of the event. If you have a larger group (i.e. over 40 people), we suggest pairing this event with Laser Clay Shooting to eliminate down time where participants are not actively involved.

We will come along with gold Pinnacle medallions for the winning team. It is totally up to you whether you would like to provide additional prizes. We suggest keeping the monetary value to a minimum e.g. boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine, movie vouchers.