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CSI Mystery Night

A vicious crime has been committed and the guest speaker for the evening has been found murdered. The crime scene remains intact and it is up to you to solve the mystery!



Any indoor location


Usually conducted around an evening meal
Group Size


10 - 100

At the commencement of the evening the delegates are informed that the guest speaker has been murdered! They must investigate the crime scene and the forensic information that surrounds the murder victim, such as a gun, a knife, secret documents, tax receipts, credit card bills a hair dryer and many more twisted clues.

The meal is served and teams will discuss their thoughts over dinner.

Groups are allocated time alone to gather their story and prepare to re-enact their own version of events to the remaining crowd of fellow investigators. This can be done as a skit, poem, limerick or song.

The re-enactments take place after dinner as each team takes to the stage to present their version of events with points awarded for accuracy, creativity and entertainment.

A great event for a lively and competitive crowd - your delegates will be the stars of the show!