Pinnacle Team Events

Corporate Trivia Night

Interactive Trivia Challenge for Teams

This is certainly not your average pub trivia night - be prepared for non-stop laughter as teams compete at rounds of trivia questions, music trivia, tv themes, challenge activities and much more.



Any indoor location


Usually conducted around an evening meal
Group Size


10 - 1000

Pinnacle is ingenious at tailoring this interactive corporate trivia challenge to any group. It will prove to be unlike any other trivia night you have ever attended. The corporate trivia games we play throughout the night are hysterical and we can guarantee that your delegates will be laughing from start to finish.

Between each round of questions the tables volunteer delegates to participate in crazy challenge activities (which makes the evening very interactive). Music trivia, movie, and TV sound tracks are on the menu as well as IQ/Brain teasers. We will fit in with the agenda of the evening and usually fill the space between the entree and the main, the main and the dessert.

At the completion of the event the results are tallied up, the answers revealed and prizes are presented to the winning team.