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Outdoor Break & Exercise Sessions

The Stretching Guy Presentation

"The Stretching Guy" is an amazing corporate presentation that, within seconds, will invigorate, inspire and enlighten your delegates. The Stretching Guy harnesses a unique approach to presenting the issues that most of us are afraid of discussing. These issues are brought to light all whilst your delegates perform a series of stretches designed to relieve their stress and catapult them into a positive frame of mind.



Anywhere – best indoors


30 mins - 2 hours
depending on the option chosen
Group Size


10 - 500

There are 3 options:

  • Just Stretching = 30mins - 45 mins
  • Stretching and informal Presentation = 1 hour
  • Stretching and Formal Presentation = 2 hours

Presentation content:

  • Stress: its effects upon the body
  • Passion: what is it and how do you attain and maintain it?
  • Attitude: being aware of your own and that of others
  • Optimism & Pessimism: where do you fit in?
  • Nutrition: what are the basics and how do I implement them into my busy life?
  • Exercise: what should I be doing and how can I make it part of my life?
  • Balance: how do I fit all of these things into my life?

This amazing session introduces your delegates to a combination of movements from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.