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Pinnacle Team Building Workshop

Team Building Workshop Days

Improve workplace dynamics with the Sydney team development specialists

The specialists for organising team building workshops, group activities across Sydney, Pinnacle Team Events' coaching/development style programs provide delegates with a heightened awareness and traction whilst adding a value proposition to your team. We aim to investigate the "Elephant in the Room" and identify the aspects of your group that may be stalling its success and growth. We feel the 'No BS - just Truth' approach can be beneficial and enlightening.

"Our aim over the 3 days was to get the team engaging with one another and to improve our ability to work together - and thanks to you we absolutely nailed it!"

BT Financial Group

Build a Functional Team

Build a Functional Team

"Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is powerful and so rare."

Whenever we repeat that saying to a group of leaders, they immediately nod their heads, but in a desperate sort of way. They seem to grasp the truth of it while simultaneously surrendering to the impossibility of actually making it happen. The Teams Dysfunction Presentation makes this a possibility!

Using a model based upon the writings of Patrick Lencioni as a platform for thinking about how some teams typically sabotage themselves and in comparison effective teams succeed. This session will flow through the 5 functions that create a successful and functional team: Trust / Conflict / Commitment / Accountability / Results. This program is complimented with both indoor and/or outdoor team building workshops.

Personal Awareness Profiling (DiSC)

Behavioural Profiling (DiSC)

DiSC is a tool that individuals use to assess their behavioural characteristics, their personality. Workplaces can use it to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication.

Values Alignment & Team Planning Workshop

Values Alignment & Team Building Workshop

All employees in the workplace need direction. As the goal posts are constantly changing with external factors, so too will that direction.

It is crucial to regularly assess the current goals and ensure the path to success is clear and methods in place to achieve results. Each of our team building workshops is tailored to suit the dynamics of your team; whether you are a new team forming, a restructured team or an existing team in need of inspiration or clarity our facilitators will help provide the answers you are looking for.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Improve workplace general across all levels of the company with corporate coaching.

Corporate Coaching

Leadership Programs

Enhance the existing qualities of your established leaders, uncover the hidden potential and refine the 'diamonds in the rough' leaders with our leadership development courses.

Team Development Activities

Team Development Activities

All of the Pinnacle Team Development programs can incorporate options from the range of Pinnacle Team Event activities.