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Take 5 With Pinnacle – Ryan

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Pinnacle Team Events facilitator tick then you have come to the right place! Each month we will be taking 5 minutes to chat with each of our facilitators about their lives both inside and outside of work.

Pinnacle Team Events facilitator Ryan Moon

What I love about being a Pinnacle Facilitator:
Being outside with the wind in my hair.

My favourite Pinnacle team event to facilitate:
Risk v Reward

Most embarrassing moment as a Pinnacle facilitator:
Haven’t had one yet, touch wood

My favourite hobbies are:
Playing Football, Golf, Playing Records, Beach

Band I’m listening to at the moment/podcast recommendation:
Casefile (Podcast, True Crime Genre) / Anything from Motown Era

What was the last book you read?:
Elon Musk’s Biography

Favourite holiday?:
Camping is great but as a destination I’d say Croatia.

Have you ever had a nickname?:
Yep, Moony. It’s weird if I get called Ryan.

I am frightened by _____ :
Sleeping through alarm

Favourite movie of all time:
V for Vendetta / Pulp Fiction

First concert I went to:
Ahhh, I’d have to say FOTSUN (Festival of the Sun) in Port Macquarie.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:

What makes you angry:
Nothing really – but small pet hate, traffic lights.

What makes you laugh the most:
Good Dad jokes / puns / Carl Barron.

What song would you sing at karaoke night?:
Summer Nights off Grease.