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Solar Buddy

The SolarBuddy Corporate Program provides solar lights to schools, children and families living in remote areas of the world experiencing energy poverty. We give companies, like yours, the opportunity to illuminate children's lives. Your team will be educated about the importance of renewable energy and the ever-growing negative effect of energy poverty. Your team will then become a part of the solution as you build solar lights that will be sent to children living without access to power. They will know that their light will illuminate the life of a child in a remote area of the world and they will know that they have made a difference.





1 hour
Group Size


10 - 1000


The SolarBuddy Corporate Program has been designed to engage and inspire participants to have a positive impact on the lives of children living without safe and reliable electricity. Your team will learn how a simple solar powered light, which they assemble during the session, can help improve education, health, economic and environmental outcomes. Your team will also be able to write a letter to the child 'buddy' who will receive their gift of light.

In one hour, you will learn about energy poverty, renewable energy, and assemble a solar light. The lights take about 30 minutes to put together and instructions on how to assemble the light are supplied in your resources kit, which also includes a letter-writing template. The lights come unassembled in a box containing 50 lights. Our facilitator will introduce SolarBuddy via a PowerPoint presentation, provide instructions and assistance with building the lights as well as host a Q&A about SolarBuddy.

Once the SolarBuddy lights have been delivered, we will send a report to you with images of the children receiving the lights as well as information about the communities that will benefit from your gift.