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Snow in the Silly Season?

Pinnacle Team Events found ourselves in the unique situation last week of having one of our famed events was postponed due to SNOW! Our client was conferencing at the beautiful Fairmont Resort in Leura on Friday and Saturday – as they were making their way from Sydney up the Great Western Highway to the Blue Mountains their bus was stopped at a road block caused by snow over the road.
Cleaver thinking by the bus driver saw the group sit out the snow storm having a few drinks in a cosy pub beside the open fire. Despite being far from what was planned for their event; in a remarkable way sitting around the fire sharing the experience of mother natures power is team building at its best.
I think we are done for snow storms for the remainder of this year and thank goodness for that! We are currently mid way through a bumper month where this October Pinnacle facilitators will host over 2000 delegates from over 30 different organisations. We have events spanning the east coast of Australia as far north as Yeppoon in QLD and as far south as Melbourne.
As organisations approach the end of year it is time for the events teams to begin planning the Christmas Party or team day. This is a very important tradition for all organisations to show their staff, suppliers and clients appreciation for another year of support. Very few businesses operate without relying heavily on human capital to ensure the business success. We are thrilled that we are in the business of making these events happen and assisting our clients to thanks such a valuable resource – their people.