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Team Pizza Making Sydney & NSW

Bring the excitement and drama of the reality TV cooking shows to your conference with this competitive cooking event. Teams will put their cooking skills to the test being judged on their entree, main and dessert. A team event with a delicious flavour!




Large indoor venue (also available outdoors).
We will bring a wood fired pizza oven onsite. Please check with us if this is available at your venue.


2 - 3 hours
depending on
group size
Group Size


25 - 300

Who are the Best Chefs in the Office?

Working in groups of 5 per team delegates aim to earn ingredients through a series of food challenges, the more points that a team scores the more ingredients they earn going into the cooking rounds.

Each team will have a cooking station with all the utensils required. Teams must prepare their entree of Bruschetta and get it to the oven whilst beating the clock. Teams then enjoy time to eat their creation whilst submitting a plate to the judging table. The competition resumes and the main course of Pizza cooked in a wood fired oven will allow delegates to show their flair. Four pizzas per team are created and the teams must present one slice with their salad to the judge.

Finally teams will be issued a Mystery Box containing the elements to be used for their dessert. Each team will have access to the communal table piled high with a variety of fresh seasonal fruit. The mystery boxes all differ allowing teams to all create something unique.



Bruschetta: Tomatoes, Red onion, garlic, basil, olive oil, cheese, balsamic vinegar.


Pizza: A huge range of toppings, sauces - the sky really is the limit!


Mystery Box: teams each receive a different set of additional ingredients to ensure a unique yet fruity creation.

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