Pinnacle Team Events

Break & Exercise

Mouse Trap Grand Prix for Team Development

This event is the slowest race in the world! Cars powered by the closing arm of a rat trap won't leave skid marks but they will leave your team in stitches after this hilarious event!



Any venue indoors or outdoors


60 mins
Group Size


10 - 1000

This is a fun, spirited design competition and race that will have everyone cheering. Each Mousetrap car is built from balsa wood, plastic "CD's" for wheels, metal rods for axles and construction paper for the body. The spring of a mouse trap provides the main power for the car and we also provide other materials to make key racing modifications. Each team is given a kit of identical equipment and a set time frame to plan, build and test their cars before the RACE!

Teams have time to build, experiment and make modifications to enhance speed and distance before competing in very spirited races. This event offers great flexibility in terms of space requirements, venue and time frame so it can be done virtually anywhere.