Pinnacle Team Events

Exercises for Team Development

Morning Exercise Session - Break & Exercise

Wake your delegates from their slumber and shake the hang over with a morning exercise session. This will ensure you have their full attention during the day's conferencing sessions.



Any conference venue of office location


30 mins - 1 hour
Group Size


Varies for each event

Stretching Guy
"The Stretching Guy" is an amazing corporate presentation that, within seconds, will invigorate, inspire and enlighten your delegates. This amazing session introduces your delegates to a combination of movements from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

An outdoor cardio circuit with plenty of variety suitable for all fitness levels. Designed to get your heart-rate up with simple movements.

Morning Walk
This session involves a long or short walk and can also include an introduction to Tai Chi and some stretching techniques. The walk explores the surrounds of the conference venue.

Gym Circuit
Utilising the resort or hotel gym, Pinnacle will design a program to suit numbers and ability levels. Loads of fun and a good way to do some weight training.

Wake your delegates up with the fast pace of Boxercise. Designed to be a high heart rate session that encompasses fitness, boxing technique and lots of movement. No contact occurs.

A challenging workout for a fitter and stronger individual, Pilates promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and conscious muscle control.

Tai Chi
This ancient martial art used in modern times is the most peaceful way to exercise. Promoting improved joint range of motion, breathing, circulation, muscle tone and focusing of the mind.

No longer the back breaking moves of old, Modern Yoga is surprisingly effective as a form of exercise, flexibility training, and relaxation.

As soon as your delegates hear the music they will want to shake and shimmy their way through this morning session - lots of laughs!