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Minute To Win It Corporate Event

This event recreates the hit TV series and allows your delegates to be contestants with only a "Minute to Win it".



Any indoor location


Usually conducted around an evening meal
Group Size


10 - 1000

This interactive event is conducted during and after your evening meal. Our facilitator will host the evening for you to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere that will definitely be one to remember. Table groups compete against each other in a series of entertaining challenges that require one participant per team to complete a tasks. As the name suggests participants have the added pressure of time...with just ONE MINUTE TO WIN IT!

Each activity will see tables nominating a new contestant for each new task. Because the activities only take one minute each the night is filled with action and laughter!

Activities examples include:

  • Bite the Bickie
    Contestants will place an Oreo on their forehead and try to manoeuvre the biscuit down their face and into their mouth. Contestants can only use facial movements in their attempt to win.
  • Fish Head
    Participants are given a fishing rod with a lamp shade attached to the end of the line. While blindfolded contestants must try to land the lamp shade on their head.