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Laser Clay Shooting Sydney & NSW

Experience the thrill and excitement of shooting clay pigeons as they fly through the air




Various options
around NSW


45 minutes - 2 hours
Group Size


10 - 100

Promote Precision & Teamwork with Laser Clay Shooting

This dynamic and interactive activity uses authentic 12 gauge shotguns that have been converted to fire invisible infra-red beams. Clays with Omni-directional tape are fired from the launcher - when the shooter scores a hit the beam is reflected back to the gun and registers a hit on the electronic scoreboard.

A team's challenge is created with delegates shooting to earn points for their team. Once the winning team has been decide the focus turns to find out who is the sharpest shooter of them all?

This team building activity is very popular and loads of fun for males and females of all ages and fitness levels. There is no kick back, no live bullets and is entirely safe for your next conference group activity.

We have access to numerous systems if your group is larger than 50 participants.

Who will be the sharp shooters from your team? Discover more group activities in Sydney today.