Pinnacle Team Events

Outdoor Team Bonding Workshops

Initiative Matrix - Logic Games

A traditional team building event filled with lateral thinking team challenges that require planning, team work, communication, problem solving and ingenuity for success.



Onsite at conference venue with outdoor space


1.5 - 3.5 hours
Group Size


10 - 1000


The Perfect Problem Solving Acitivity For Corporate Team Development

This is an activity that involves individuals thinking outside the square as well as working together as a team to solve the big question...."What is the Matrix?"

Working under the pressure of time, teams of delegates compete to solve cryptic clues which lead them to life size problem solving tasks at different locations around the resort. A team facilitator will be at each location to brief the group on the problem at hand. Each of the tasks involve the group working as a collective unit drawing upon both mental and physical abilities aiming to unravel the problem. Upon successful completion of each activity the group is awarded with a piece of "The Matrix". The team will use these pieces to reveal the final challenge, which is a small debriefing activity. Pinnacle has devised an ingenious and fun de-briefing scenario in which groups can relay their teams experience free from uncomfortable pressures.