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Break & Exercise Indoor Team Event

F1 Rocket Races for Team Development

Do you have a competitive team who thrives on a challenge? Do you have the need for Speed? Look no further, this event is for you!



Any conference or office - best indoors


30 mins - 2 hours
depending on the option chosen
Group Size


10 - 100

This is a construction based event whereby each team is allocated a set of resources to build a Formula 1 race car. The car is designed around its power source - a rocket!

The rocket is a specially designed piece of equipment that will create a blast of power generated by a high pressure cycling foot pump. The result is a car that shoots out of the starting gates and hopefully beats your opponents by travelling the greatest distance along the conference room floor.

This is a great session where teams of approximately five people will design and build their very own car. All cars race with the winners of each round entering the finals and then finishing with the grand finale.