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Team Machine

About Team Machine

Team Machine is an exciting and collaborative team building event designed for remote teams. The key outcome is to demonstrate that working remotely can still be a collaborative process.

This fun and exciting activity is inspired by the famous Rube Goldberg chain reaction machines. Goldberg was a Pulitzer-winning engineer, cartoonist and sculptor, among other things. He was famous for his popular cartoons depicting complicated machines performing simple, everyday tasks.

Individuals from your team will get creative using everyday objects found around their homes to create and film a unique chain reaction machine. Once your individual chain reaction machines are filmed, the footage is sent back to Pinnacle HQ where we will edit all the videos together to create a powerful reminder of the power of working as one team!

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N/A virtual team building event – all delegates need a smartphone and computer for filming and uploading


1.5 – 2 hours of event facilitation, after which your delegates will film and submit their creations. Once all submissions are received allow 48 hours for video editing.

Group Size

10 – 30 per session. Talk to us about larger groups!

Team Machine Team Building Activity Sydney

Key Facts

Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

After an initial briefing over video conference, the participants will have a set time frame to design and build their Team Machine in the home or office.

Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

The team determine the sequence and members will collaborate with the people on each side of their machine so the entire chain reaction is connected.

Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

Each participant is required to film their segment and submit it back to our facilitator for editing.


  • A Pinnacle facilitator to lead the initial video conference
  • Final video editing all completed by Pinnacle
  • Optional kits can be arranged and posted to delegates including string, cars, balls, marbles, rulers, balloons and the list goes on!

Key Benefits

Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events

One Team

Amazing Race Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


Team Building Pinnacle Team Events


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We can arrange extra items to be sent to delegates if required, but there are no restrictions on individuals using objects they already own. We encourage everyone to display their creativity!