Travel Tips – Spain with Lincoln

One of the most amazing countries that I have ever travelled to is Spain. The culture and the country itself is all about diversity and passion. From the countryside to the cities the place oozes differences and fun. Food, music and siestas being the most memorable of those. For me the cities of Barcelona, San Sebastian and Madrid are amazing places and you could spend weeks in each of them exploring and getting off the well-travelled tourist path.

The two stand out memories for me are Tossa De Mar and the festival of La Tomatina.

Tossa De Mar is a quiet beach side village that we stumbled across when travelling in 1995. Amazing locals and the beach itself was almost as good as our Australian wonders. We spent 2 weeks here and the time flew by. Picturesque and very welcoming locals.

The festival of La Tomatina is held in a village called Buñol just outside of Valencia. You may have seen this on TV and as it shows it is absolute madness. The buildings are covered in plastic and large semi-trailers squeeze through the crowd and unload the tomatoes into the street. Then the fun begins and it becomes the largest food fight in the world. Goggles must be worn and the friendly fire ensues for 2 hours or so. Upon completion you are sticky but smiling and laughing with the locals and the tourists. The streets are then cleared and washed. Another hour after you would not have known it had even happened.

If I had the opportunity again that’s where I would go and do it all again.

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