Take 5 With Pinnacle – Tim

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Pinnacle Team Events facilitator tick then you have come to the right place! Each month we will be taking 5 minutes to chat with each of our facilitators about their lives both inside and outside of work.

What do you love about hosting the Corporate Drumming events?
I love the power the drums have to quickly unify any group on a common pulse.

I love that the rhythm anchors our attention in the present moment, having the natural by-product of joy & laughter.

Favourite moment as a corporate drumming facilitator:
There have been many favourite moments, but a standout would have to be leading a group of 1400 delegates in Sydney Town Hall from a rocking unified rhythm into complete silence! So Incredible! 🙂

Most embarrassing moment as a facilitator:
In the early days I learnt quickly that pointing fingers is considered highly disrespectful in some cultures. Segmenting a team into sub-groups using pointed fingers was an absolute disaster on one occasion! 

My favourite hobbies are:
Soft sand running meditation, drumming of course & philosophical/world-religion studies.

Band I’m listening to at the moment/podcast recommendation:
Podcast Recommendation – Buddha at the Gas Pump

What was the last book you read?:
I am reading ‘The Contemplative Life’ by Joel S Goldsmith

Favourite holiday?:
Bali meditation, surfing & yoga adventures!

Have you ever had a nickname?:
Yes – Timbo, Timmy, Stem.

I am frightened by _____ :
Still a bit frightened by death!

Favourite movie of all time:
Not sure really…. The Matrix was awesome & I remember being blown away by the first Star Wars Trilogy

First concert I went to:
John Farnham when I was 10 years old, he came to our small town sports ground.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:
Copacabana, NSW Australia.

What makes you angry:
I often tell my kids that the only things that make me cranky are disrespect, fighting & whinging!

Otherwise I think I am pretty good, lol 😁

What makes you laugh the most:
Usually when I realise the ridiculous nature of some long-held but false belief system.

What song would you sing at karaoke night?:
Let it Be – John Lennon


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