Judgement at Work

Judgement of another person can be very harmful and destructive within teams. Judgement can be fixed and remain so for a very long period of time. Often we are aware of it and its potential impacts yet we refuse to shift. Shifting this judgement involves giving the person another chance to establish themselves with you and potentially change your judgement of them. If the behaviours continue, this is when the challenge may increase.

Judgment is a reflection of yourself

Also be careful with Judgement that it isn’t in fact a reflection of yourself. Often the aspects and behaviours that annoy us within another person may in fact be behaviours that we exhibit ourselves. This involves pausing before we act and respond and reflect about our own behaviours.

So pause, reflect and then act. Question your Judgement and its potential to be destructive for your relationship with that person. Look at yourself first.

Judgement within teams often erodes Trust. We all need to work on this and be mindful of its impacts upon ourselves, others and ultimately the TEAM. Be kind and help to build the rapport and trust within your team.


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