Creating trust amongst your team is easier than you think……

The cornerstone to every relationship be it workplace, business, romantic or otherwise is TRUST. Creating moments for your team to build that trust in one another takes time and planning. The best leaders begin by framing trust in economic terms for their companies. When an organisation recognises that it has low trust, huge economic consequences can be expected. Everything will take longer and everything will cost more because of the steps needed to compensate for their lack of trust.

Stephen M. R. Covey in his article “How the Best Leaders Build Trust” states that;

“The true transformation starts with building credibility at the personal level. The foundation of trust is your own credibility, and it can be a real differentiator for any leader. A person’s reputation is a direct reflection of their credibility, and it precedes them in any interactions or negotiations they might have. When a leader’s credibility and reputation are high, it enables them to establish trust fast — speed goes up, cost goes down.”

Creating the time and the opportunities for your team to build that trust is easier and than you may think. It also doesn’t have to cost you a cent! We here at Pinnacle Team Events like to practice what we preach and are gaining huge benefits from our work in this area. We have started a program where every two months we as a team donate a night to a charity organisation to assist with cooking food for a hospital shelter. It is a night where we are together doing something great for the community, building the relationship within our team and inadvertently building trust amongst our colleges.

In closing please let me share with you my favourite quote on trust from the great Ernest Hemingway:

 “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”


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