New Year’s Resolutions

We are already 3 weeks into the New Year, have you already broken all of your New Year’s resolutions? Or failed to even set any? If you have, you are part of the majority. Studies show that the rate for failing New Year’s resolutions is around 80%.

The most common New Year’s resolutions are focused more on personal goals such as be healthier & exercise more, or be nicer to people or give more to charity. But what about at work? Setting goals for the year is the hallmark of good business everywhere!

Step One: Reflect

It might seem obvious, but many teams forget to take the time to review the year that was. Psychotherapist Esther Perel states that the New Year is a great time to be forward-thinking about who you want to be; but it’s also a great time to look back at what you’re ready to let go of. Put simply, the best way to set goals for the year ahead is to go back & reflect on the previous year i.e. what worked well & what wasn’t so successful.

If you’re unsure where to start, performing a simple SWOT analysis of your business will give you plenty of information to get going. We’ve included a template from Wordstream as a guideline below, however there’s an abundance of information online about performing a SWOT analysis:

Step Two: Identify Your Goal & Purpose

According to the famous Tony Robbins, there are two key questions that you need to ask yourself for compelling goal planning: identify your goals & identify your purpose.

  1. Identify Your Goals: What do you really want? What is the exact objective you desire? A promotion at work? To take up daily meditation? In order to set achievable goals, you need to have a clear outcome in mind.
  2. Identify your purpose: Why do you want to achieve this goal? What will it bring you? Will that promotion give you the financial freedom you desire? In order to keep your goals, you need to ask the right questions and seek real change in your life. If you know what you’re moving toward, you’ll find ways to make it happen by learning how to set goals.

Step Three: Set SMART Goals

You may have already heard of SMART goal setting as it is so widely used as a successful guideline for goal setting. See below:

Time Bound

Set Specific Goals

Your goal must be clear and well defined. Vague or generalized goals are unhelpful because they don’t provide sufficient direction.

Set Measurable Goals

Include precise amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success. If your goal is simply defined as “To reduce expenses” how will you know when you have been successful? In one month’s time if you have a 1 percent reduction or in two years’ time when you have a 10 percent reduction? Without a way to measure your success you miss out on the celebration that comes with knowing you have actually achieved something.

Set Attainable Goals

Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set. If you set a goal that you have no hope of achieving, you will only demoralise yourself and erode your confidence.

Set Relevant Goals

Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take. By keeping goals aligned with this, you’ll develop the focus you need to get ahead and do what you want. Set widely scattered and inconsistent goals, and you’ll fritter your time – and your life – away.

Set Time-Bound Goals

Your goals must have a deadline. Again, this means that you know when you can celebrate success. When you are working on a deadline, your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.

SMART guideline via MindTools

Happy New Year and Good Luck!

Team Building & Giving Back

Since October last year we have been inundated with enquiries from clients wanting to find out how they can incorporate a charity-style team activity into their upcoming conference – primarily with the desire to give back to those affected by the bushfire crisis.

We have spoken previously on our blog about what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means and the importance both employees and customers place on working for and spending their money with businesses that prioritise CSR. Put simply, CSR refers to a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. This doesn’t always mean a donation to charity; CSR can relate to any kind of improvement effort such as creating a more sustainable workplace.

There has always been a high demand for team activities that incorporate CSR however as mentioned above, with the prevalence of the current bushfire crisis we have found more and more companies are wanting to include this in their conference as part of their organised team activity.

Bushfire Relief

The NSW Office of Emergency Management has recently advised that monetary donations are the most useful & valuable way to help those affected by the bushfire crisis. The RFS has also requested that people don’t donate any items such as food or water to local brigades as they have everything they need at this point in time.

“The best way is to donate money. This allows people to buy the things they need, and it supports local businesses which have also been impacted. We know many people want to donate physical items such as food and clothing but these take up much needed community space.”

The NSW Office of Emergency Management has encouraged people to only donate to reputable charities, as currently there are some scams involving people doorknocking or calling via phone and claiming to be or represent people who have lost their homes in the bushfires.

If your company is looking to make a donation, here is a short list of some registered charities below:

CSR Team Building Events

Based on the above comments, our activity recommendations for groups wanting to give to those affected by the bushfires are those activities where a monetary donation is made by the group to a charity representative at the conclusion of the activity. The two CSR activities that suit this format is the Race to Make a Difference & the Challenge for Charity.

The Race to Make a Difference

The Race to Make a Difference is a fast paced, action packed CSR event that culminates in the team giving back to a charity organisation. The goal for the participants is to be the team that raises the most dollars for charity.

The challenges are designed to be fun, hands on and require the team to think strategically and work together to achieve success. Teams will be issued $$$ based on their performance at each challenge site.

Ultimately the teams converge on the final location where the winners are announced and the donation to charity formalised.

How to include the Charity? We have two suggested formats:

  • Teams choose a charity that appeals to them to compete on behalf of. The winning team get to donate a cheque from your company to their nominated charity. i.e. First = $1000, 2nd = $500, 3rd = $250.
  • The company chooses the charity and all teams are competing to see what team can earn the most for that charity. Ultimately the winning team would present a cheque onto a representative of that company who is present at the finale of the event.

Example Road Block Challenges:

Number Triangle – Nine numbered tiles are laid out in a triangle shape. The team moves the tiles so that the addition of the numbers is equal on each side.

Shape Shifter – Using memory and instinct teams must recreate a series of original shapes.

Catapults – Teams fire tennis balls via replicated catapults towards a landing zone where strategically positioned team members await ready to catch.

Pyramids – Teams are racing to rebuild a pyramid that can only be structured from bottom to top.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Location: Outdoors, all areas around a resort or city/urban areas

Challenge for Charity

head shot of man with funny hate pulling a face

Challenge for Charity is a fun, high energy fundraising event where teams compete to raise the most for their chosen charity. This is an engaging way to make a Corporate Donation and involve your team in the process.

Each table becomes a team and is issued with a Charity for Challenge activity booklet. There are 45 challenges within the booklet, 15 easy, 15 medium and 15 hard. Teams work frantically to complete each page of the booklet, ripping them out and handing in to the Pinnacle staff as soon as possible. A correct page will see the delegates earn money for the charity e.g.

Easy = $2
Medium = $5
Hard = $10

At the conclusion of the activity we will introduce the charity representative to say a few words of gratitude and announce the total amount that has been donated on behalf of your client. The amounts can be adjusted to fit with your donation budget. Once the desired donation amount has been decided the challenge amounts will be worked back accordingly.

Example Challenges:

Team Mascots– Strike fear into your opponents with your team mascot to start the game!

Origami my Team– Can you follow the steps towards Origami master status?

Number Puzzle- Does your team have the smarts to crack the code?

Hidden Letter– Search high and low in your conference room for the letters and you shall find the ANSWER!

Duration: 45 mins – 2 hours

Location: Indoors with 1 x table per team

Tailor Your Own!

As always, we are happy to tailor an activity to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us to find out more information & discuss your upcoming event!

The Blue Monday Myth

Every year it is said that the third Monday of January is the gloomiest day of the year – also known as Blue Monday. As the theory goes, by the 20th January 2020 all the joy from Christmas will have faded & all we are left with is a dilapidated bank account, a bulge around our waists & we’ll be riddled with guilt that our New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, fitter & wiser have fallen by the wayside.

blue faces with one smiley face in the middle

But is Blue Monday really the saddest day of the year or is the label just a misguided PR stunt – we think so!

The concept was originally coined in 2004 by psychologist Cliff Arnall.

He came up with a “formula” for the January blues after he was asked to do so by travel firm Sky Travel, who then used the phrase in a press release to promote their winter deals.

It took into account a number of factors likely to contribute to low mood and read as follows:

blue monday formula

W = weather

D = debt

d = monthly salary

T = time since Christmas

Q = time since failing our new year’s resolutions

M = low motivational levels

Na = the feeling of a need to take action

Arnall has since confessed that the formula is essentially pseudoscience and has urged people to “refute the whole notion” of Blue Monday.

Whether Blue Monday is a real phenomenon or not, the month of January is a great time to get the team motivated and bring everyone together to kick start the new year. Strangely enough, we are almost booked out for events on Monday 20 January 2020 & are filling up fast the remainder of that week!

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our previous blog post Team Building Ideas to Kick Off the New Year or give us a call.

Top Team Building Ideas for Summer

October is almost over and the air-conditioning wars have well & truly commenced throughout offices around Australia! Christmas holidays aren’t too far away which means the end of year deadlines are even closer – including the office Christmas party!

It is at this time of year when we become inundated with enquiries from corporate groups organising either an end of year event OR an activity to kick start the New Year. With some dates in November & December already sold out for events, if you’re interested in booking a team activity this Summer then now is the time to get busy organising!

Summer is a great time for team building, with the longer, warm, generally rain-free days great for outdoor activities & the buzz in the air for night activities. And of course, if being out in the sun isn’t your thing you can always opt for staying inside in the comfort of the A/C!

See below for our top team building ideas for Summer:

Beach Olympics

Is there anywhere you’d rather be in Summer than on one of our beautiful stretches of coastline along the East coast? And did we mention you’re benefiting your team culture at the same time? We are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to Australian beaches & they are the perfect location for a team activity. Our Beach Olympics is fun & competitive without being too overly physical. Great for groups wanting to escape the indoors & enjoy the spoils of Summer weather.

Water Taxi Treasure Hunt

Want to REALLY spoil your team this Summer? Picture this… spending your next team outing cruising the beautiful Sydney Harbour on your very own water taxi! The best part, this activity can be easily justified to the boss as your team will be competing in a series of fun, mildly physical, lateral thinking/problem solving team challenges all whilst enjoying the sights of Australia’s most famous Harbour.

Amazing Race

One of the great things about the Amazing Race is that it is an activity that can be hosted almost anywhere! Whether you’re at a conference venue or you’d like to explore somewhere totally new – the Amazing Race can be tailored to suit your requirements. Some of our most popular Amazing Race locations include the Royal Botanic Gardens & the Rocks, Bondi Beach, Coogee & Manly.


One of our less physically active outdoor activities, the Survivor is great for groups who aren’t wanting to overly exert themselves in the Summer heat. Survivor is great for groups wanting to get down on the beach or who would prefer to stay on solid ground in a shady park with plenty of grassed areas.


Too hot to leave the cooling breeze of the A/C? Our Escape is perfect for groups wanting to stay indoors yet still partake in a fun, challenging & friendly-competition style activity. We’ve specially designed a mobile version of the famous Escape the Room challenge to suit almost any office or conference venue. All we require is one room per team of 8-12 people.

Cocktail Master Class

Do you like Pina Colada’s? Or simply enjoying a cocktail after a hard day’s conferencing? Then we have the activity for you! Cool down with a delicious cocktail & enjoy a master class in the art of mixing drinks. Your group will make four delicious cocktails throughout the duration of the class, with the first three cocktails being preselected from our list of 13 cocktails.

For the fourth and final cocktail the competition begins! Your delegates will get shaking and stirring to design their very own unique cocktail. All ingredients and equipment will be readily available to get the creative juices mixing & flowing! Teams will be judged by our Cocktail Master on taste, the enticing name of their cocktail and a sales pitch which they must present in front of the group.

Trivia Night

If you’re after some good, old-fashioned competitive fun after a day of hard work – our Trivia Night is for you! With a mix of general knowledge, music & movies trivia along with some fun challenges thrown in between there is something in our Trivia Night for everyone!

Casino Night

Add a touch of glitz & glamour to your team dinner with our Casino Night activity! Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Horse Racing, Race of the Aces & more! This activity is not just for seasoned gamblers as even novices can walk away with a big win. Our Casino Night is great for end of year celebrations or kicking off the start of the year with a bang!

The Amazing Race is Back!

After a five-year hiatus the Amazing Race Australia will be back on Australian TV screens in October 2019! If you’re a fan of the TV show, you’ll know that the television version of the Amazing Race follows teams of two as they race around the world, following clues, navigating themselves in foreign areas, interacting with locals, performing physical and mental challenges, and travel by air, boat, car, taxi, and other modes of transport. Teams are progressively eliminated at the end of most legs for being the last to arrive at designated Pit Stops. The first team to arrive at the Finish Line wins a grand prize of $250,000.

The Pinnacle Team Events Amazing Race

Although our version of the Amazing Race is quite different to the TV version, we are just a little excited to see the show back on the telly! Each year our Amazing Race activity continues to be our most popular outdoor team building event, and we are not surprised! The Amazing Race team building activity has so much to offer groups who are wanting to get together for a day of teamwork & fun.

More Inclusive

Our version of the Amazing Race differs in several ways to make the activity more inclusive & less physically demanding on your participants. Instead of racing around the world, teams navigate their way around the local area (whether that be in an urban area or your conference venue). And instead of racing & running themselves ragged, the winning team is determined by the number of points they accumulate at each of the roadblock challenge sites along the way – not the first team that reaches the finish line. This way, teams having sufficient time to make their way between each of the roadblock challenge sites without the fear of being eliminated from the competition altogether.

Larger Teams with Challenges to Suit Everyone!

Rather than teams of two people, we’ve found that teams of 6-8 people is the ideal team size. By keeping team sizes within this range, we find this provides the best environment for all members of the team to be successful as well as have their creativity, ideas, energy & experience flourish. The roadblock challenges within our Amazing Race are also varied to suit a range of strengths and abilities. From lateral thinking/problem solving style challenges such as Number Triangle (a giant mathematical Sudoku style challenge) to mild physical challenges such as Catapults (firing tennis balls via replicated catapults towards their team members in the targeted catching zone). There is something for everyone in the Amazing Race & we will often see different leaders emerge at each of the roadblock activity sites.

We have many versions of our Amazing Race on offer, see below for details:


The Amazing Race – classic version as described above!

Teams navigate their way around the local area undertaking team-based challenges on foot. The team with the most points at the end of the activity wins!

Water Taxi Treasure Hunt

Sydney Harbour is ranked the best harbour in the world and is the perfect backdrop for this unique team building event. The Water Taxi Treasure Hunt is a 3-hour adventure that explores the best sights of this world-famous location. Teams will be competing against each other to race to the final location and uncover their team’s treasure.


An Amazing Race / Treasure Hunt style of program that sees teams driven around the local area undertaking experiential team challenges that range from Laser Clay Shooting & Archery to Cheese Tasting & Blind Wine Tasting. Our Explorer is available in the following areas: Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, South Coast & Blue Mountains.



A modified version of the Amazing Race suited to groups that are tight on time or budget. Similar to The Amazing Race, teams will race around the local area collecting scavenger items, completing photo missions and answering location-based questions. We will even throw in a road block activity challenge! The team with the most points at the end of the specified time will win.

To get your Amazing Race fix, the latest season will be shown on channel ten from Monday 28 October 2019 at 7:30pm OR better yet, book an Amazing Race activity for your team & experience the thrill & excitement firsthand.

Tips for Effective Communication

People have unique ways to communicate with each other. When you understand people are uniquely different based on their communication styles then you can better relate to your customers, peers and in your personal relationships. The key is to understand yourself first.


These are not right or wrong just different and understanding this ensures a team can work with varied styles. See below for the 4 key Communication Styles:

DISC communication styles

To learn more about DISC click here.


Use clear, concise sentences

Your goal, whether speaking aloud or composing an email, should be to make yourself instantly and completely understood. To that end, you should avoid using big words, steer clear of run-on sentences, and avoid any unclear phrasing.

Avoid long sentences with multiple clauses and herds of commas. The longer a sentence is, the more confusing it becomes. Always keep that in mind when writing directions or project details for a colleague.

If you aren’t sure that an email is clearly worded, step away from your computer for five minutes, and then look it over with a fresh perspective.

Keep a written record

Sometimes communicating effectively involves reminding people of what they’ve already told you, and when. Having a written record of all conversations related to a current or past account can be very helpful.

This is easy with email: just make sure never to delete old emails, and use filters for effortless organisation. For meetings/calls, make sure you keep clean, easy to read notes that also include the time and date. Audio recording is also an option.

Make every comment actionable

Inevitably, there is a time in every person’s career where they get together with a group of colleagues to discuss a project or proposal, and give feedback as a group. It’s important that when you give feedback on a project, you give actionable directions…particularly you are at the top of the food chain. Otherwise, the project can stagnate and people on your team can lose momentum.

It’s the difference between:

“Someone needs to speak with our design team about using a new font.”

“Marcy, could you touch base with Jim in Design about our font preferences?”

Make all criticism constructive

“Constructive criticism” is one of those feel-good buzzwords. Nevertheless, learning to give helpful feedback to a colleague will not only improve your interpersonal relations, but also will help to improve the quality of your work.

Constructive criticism is more than just a nicer way of talking to people. By giving clear, focused feedback instead of vague, general notes, people you speak with can really learn to improve their methods and practices in the future.

It’s the difference between:

“This website is a disgrace.”

“I see a number of issues here, including the dark green background that makes the text hard to read, and punctuation issues in the first two paragraphs.”

The Benefits of Servant Leadership

Sometimes we can confuse leadership with dictatorship. A leader with a dictator style makes orders & demands without taking into account the wants and needs of others. Perhaps this style of leadership can come in handy in some special circumstances. However, staff do not tend to respond well to being constantly treated this way. Depending on the situation, a leader should adopt different styles to suit. For the most part, adopting a servant leadership style will help you get the most out of your team.

If we look at leadership from a ‘servant leadership’ point of view, the job of a leader is to help their team succeed & give them what they need. This could be guidance, motivation, training or even chocolate cake in the break-room!

Two teams climbing a mountain. One where the team is doing all the work for the manager and the other where the manager is assisting in the work.

Servant leadership is the paradoxical balance between leader and servant. The term was first coined by Robert K. Greenleaf who said to be a servant leader, you’re a “servant first” i.e. you focus on the needs of others before you consider your own. You involve your team members in the decision-making process, you create a culture of caring & a sense of community, and you work to support & enhance the growth of your workers so they can meet their goals both at work and in their personal lives. This approach to leadership leads to higher staff engagement, productivity, trust & stronger relationships within your team.

Some tips on establishing a culture of servant leadership in your workplace include:


Servant leaders have a strong awareness of what’s going on around them. They care deeply about the welfare of their team members and don’t view them as cogs in a machine. You can show your team how much you care by taking a genuine interest in their lives. This means both inside & outside of work. You can also reward your team by taking them out for a team outing OR why not go all out and organise a team building activity.


The biggest investment you can make in your people is your time. By mentoring your staff and taking a genuine interest in their professional development you will help them learn vital skills for the future and improve their performance both inside and outside of work. And by teaching others to lead and providing opportunities for growth, your staff will give thanks with their loyalty & trust in return.


We’ve all heard the saying “lead by example”, and this is very true when it comes to a servant leader. No task is beneath their pay grade and they’re never afraid to roll up their sleeves to get a job done. A common mistake of leaders is feeling that they are above certain tasks. This kind of thinking will only distance you from your team. A true servant leader says, “let’s go do it,” not, “you go do it”. To go even further in your endeavour to create a sense of community, a team building activity can help bring your team together in an environment external to the usual office day-to-day. Contact us to chat more about our team building options.


A servant leader values everyone’s contributions and regularly seeks out opinions. Someone who knows their opinion is not necessarily the right one, or indeed the ONLY one, has the quality of a servant leader. Servant leaders establish a culture of empathy and openness, creating a safe space for employees to come forward with any questions or pitch new, creative ideas that benefit the company.

Benefits of a Conference Offsite

Any person tasked with the job of organising their company conference will generally be seeking the same outcome; regardless of where the conference is held you want to ensure you get the most out of your time. Which brings us to one of the first hurdles you will face when organising a conference: deciding whether to hold the conference in-house or head offsite to a conference venue. Perhaps the biggest argument against hosting a conference offsite is the higher expenditure involved, both in the booking of an external venue & the fact that you’re taking your employees out of the office for a day.

You may find yourself wondering, is a conference offsite worth the time & money?

Team high five outdoors

Change of Scenery = Stimulating Creativity

Meeting in the same office space time & time again can starve the brain of creative stimulation. According to Forbes, 51% of workers said they weren’t engaged with 17% saying they were actively disengaged with their office environment. If you want to get your staff thinking out of the box, you need to get them out of the office box! A change of scenery may seem like such a small alteration to your delegates day-to-day, however it can have a significant impact on how your colleagues think & the way they brainstorm new ideas. Being in a new environment can encourage bolder ideas & a fresh perspective on old problems.

Increased Productivity & Focus

Offsite meetings are great for revitalising & re-energising your staff. For starters, your staff will feel important & valued by the investment your company has made. And because everyone has made a commitment to leave normal work behind for a day, they will be much more likely to fully engage with the conference content.

Avoid Interruptions

Taking the team offsite means they won’t be as easily distracted by their usual work surroundings. Think about the amount of time that is wasted by staff arriving late, checking their emails or answering phone calls. Heading offsite means your team will have less interruptions from the usual office riffraff = greater productivity!

Team Camaraderie

An off-site conference without the constraints of the normal working environment can make employees feel more relaxed leading to improved workplace relationships. Team members see each other in a different light and abilities emerge that may not be apparent in day-to-day office meetings. Ultimately the better your team know & trust each other, the more effective they will be as a team.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a conference offsite without a team building activity thrown in the mix! Regardless of how full your agenda is we have an activity that can be tailored to suit your plans & outcomes. After all, it can’t be all work & no play!

If you’re after some conference offsite inspiration we would suggest checking out our VENUES page!

How to Choose a Night Activity

Whether you’re flat out conferencing & don’t have the time for a day team activity or you’re simply wanting to add a bit of fun & laughter to your team dinner, we have a night activity for you! But how to choose the night activity that is best suited to your team?

Some questions to consider:

    • What style of meal are you planning for the dinner? Sit-down or cocktail style?
    • What kind of feel are you going for? Formal, casual or in between?
    • Does everyone in your group know each other well? Are they happy to be a bit silly in front of one another?



Our most popular night activity! Suited to groups wanting to have a casual activity to get everyone mingling at the end of the day or will compliment a formal awards dinner, our Trivia Night is so versatile! Our Trivia Night is not your average Pub trivia. General knowledge, themed topics, music trivia, movie and TV sound tracks, IQ/Brainteasers, team challenges, games and even skits make up our hilarious trivia challenge night activity.

Quick Tips:

  • Best suited to groups having a sit-down meal, whether it be a 3-course or buffet style
  • Can be tailored to suit a casual or formal style dinner
  • Works for groups who know each other well OR who may be meeting for the first time


Another one of our most versatile night activities! Our Casino Night can be tailored to suit a sit-down or cocktail style event & has been hosted for groups wanting a casual, fun night together as well as for groups wanting a more formal affair. You will have the option to include challenges throughout the evening for your delegates to earn additional chips for gambling. Once the meal service has concluded we will open the Casino tables – Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Horse Racing and Race of the Aces. Here the teams have the chance to improve on their earnings in an effort to have the most money at the end of the night.

Quick Tips:

  • Suited to groups having a sit-down meal OR cocktail style event
  • Can be tailored to suit a casual or formal style dinner
  • Works for groups who know each other well OR who may be meeting for the first time


Table groups compete against each other in a series of entertaining challenges that require group participation. The games will be a mixture of all-in team challenges & individual challenges, see below for some examples:

Example Team Challenges:

Foil Towers – Teams race against the clock to build the tallest tower using only foil

Balloon Mascots – Teams are given modelling balloons and asked to design a mascot that best reflects their team. Points are given based on imagination and reasoning

Example Individual Challenges:

Bottle Flick – Flick a ping-pong ball off the top of the bottle. Sounds easy, however most struggle…

Putt Putt – Delegates put their golfing skills to the test with a little twist. Sink the putt and score the points!

Quick Tips:

  • Best suited to groups having a sit-down meal
  • Better suited to a more casual style dinner
  • Better suited to groups who know each other well or who don’t mind getting up in front of a group


There has been a murder & teams must piece together the clues to determine what really happened, and then re-enact their own version of events to the remaining crowd. Our CSI Night is a hilarious “skit night” activity designed to coincide with your evening meal with teams performing after the main course. Groups are allocated time alone to gather their story and prepare to re-enact their own version of events to the remaining crowd of fellow investigators. The re-enactment must use the props, characters and also any key words that appear at the scene. However, the rest is left up to the interpretation of each team. You will be amazed at how many clever (usually extremely comical) versions of the murder will unfold before your eyes.

Quick Tips:

  • Best suited to groups having a sit-down meal
  • Better suited to a more casual style dinner
  • Better suited to groups who know each other well or who don’t mind getting up in front of a group


Ladies & Gentlemen, get dressed in your best because we are off to the Races! Whether you are a punting enthusiast or a complete novice this is a great night of entertainment! Best suited to groups having an indoor, sit-down meal however can be tailored to suit a cocktail style event. All we require is a microphone, data projector & screen to recreate the hysteria of a day at the races.

Each delegate will receive play money and a form guide. With these in hand and the next race beckoning, punters will have to madly check the form and decide who their money will be on. Once all the bets are placed the race will be played on the big screen to the cheering of the crowd. In between each race, tables will compete against each other in team challenges, fashions on the field and various other outrageous games in which teams can win more money.

At the conclusion of the night, tables will pool together the cash they have accumulated from the races and other games. The table that makes the most amount of money will be the winning team.

Quick Tips:

  • Best suited to groups having a sit-down meal however can be tailored to a cocktail event
  • Can be tailored to suit a casual or formal style dinner
  • Works for groups who know each other well OR who may be meeting for the first time


This hilarious and interactive evening will definitely be one to remember. Table groups compete against each other in a series of entertaining challenges that require participants to complete hilarious tasks. As the name suggests participants have the added pressure of time… with just ONE MINUTE TO WIN IT! For each challenge our host will ask for you to send one member from your team to the front of the room.

Example challenges include:

Bite the Bickie – Contestants will place an Oreo on their forehead and try to manoeuvre the biscuit down their face and into their mouth. Contestants can only use facial movements in their attempt to win.

Fish Head – Participants are given a fishing rod with a lamp shade attached to the end of the line. While blindfolded contestants must try to land the lamp shade on their head.

Elephant March – Participants must call on their inner Elephant to knock over as many items as possible using a makeshift “trunk”(a cricket ball inside a stocking)

Stack Attack – Contestants must arrange the cups into a perfect pyramid, then return them to their original stack. It’s harder than it looks!

Lolly Lift – Using a mini-elevator consisting of two pencils and string, contestants must lift three M&M’s into their mouth. The catch? The elevator is draped from ear to ear!

Bobble Head – With a pedometer strapped to their heads, contestants bounce their head up and down to register as many bobbles as possible within the minute.

Quick Tips:

  • Best suited to groups having a sit-down meal however can be tailored to a cocktail event
  • Better suited to a more casual style event
  • Suited to groups who know each other well or who don’t mind getting up in front of a group & being a bit silly


More of a shared experience than a team building activity, the aim of the game is very simple; solve a murder before the guilty party strikes again. What makes this activity truly special is that your guests play the chief murder suspects. Each member of your group will receive their very own character to play on the night. We will liaise with you in the lead-up to the event regarding who is best suited to play the major suspects (those people who are happy to perform in front of the whole group), minor suspects (those who are happy to play a minor role in the nights’ proceedings) and the rest of your attendees who are happy to play a background role, assisting in the spreading of both facts & rumours of who may have committed the crime!

From the start we encourage everyone to mingle in character and find out as much as they can. This creates atmosphere and helps your guests get into the spirit of the night. The night is divided into two 30-40 minute sets and begins when the Chief Inspector stands in the middle of the room and questions the major suspects. As the second act draws to a close everyone is given the opportunity to write down who they think is the murderer. Some of these theories are read out and finally the murderer is revealed to much applause.

Quick Tips:

  • Suited to groups having a sit-down meal OR cocktail style event
  • Can be tailored to suit a casual or formal style dinner
  • Works for groups who know each other well OR who may be meeting for the first time
  • We also totally encourage groups to get into the theme of the night & dress up!


An evening event that is sure to get the party started. HonkyTonk presents a post dinner band formed to host corporate functions and get delegates on the dance floor. The combination of called dances mixed with contemporary music is a formula that has been developed to get your delegates dancing, caught up in the atmosphere and theme of the night, away from the dinner tables, and mixing with each other as they twist and twirl the night away, resulting in a totally unique and very memorable event.

All the dances are called and taught on the night and the music alongside the dances ranges from American country and western– Dolly, Kenny and Johnny– to Australian classics done in our own style that pays homage to great Australian artists/bands such as Paul Kelly, Jimmy Barnes, the Easybeats, Men at Work, AC/DC and many others.

If your group like to dress up the Country and Western theme adds a great energy to the night and ensures your delegates will look the part as they dance the night away as a whole group.

Quick Tips:

  • Suited to groups having a sit-down meal OR cocktail style event
  • Suited to a more casual or semi-casual style evening
  • Works for groups who know each other fairly well
  • Again, dressing up is definitely encouraged! Tap into your inner cowboy/cowgirl & boot-scoot the night away.

Top Team Building Activities for the Central Coast

The Central Coast is known for its pristine beaches, incredible national parks and picturesque waterways. You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to conference venues with a range of hotels & resorts available to suit any taste or requirement. Located only 1 hour from Sydney, it is the perfect location for your next conference!

We’ve put a list together of our top team building ideas for the Central Coast for your next conference offsite:

Beach Olympics

With so many beautiful beaches located throughout the Central Coast it is easy to see why the Beach Olympics is so popular in this region. If you’re heading to a seaside conference venue such as Crowne Plaza Terrigal, Pullman Magenta Shores, Bells Killcare or Wamberal SLSC we can organise a council permit for use of the beach nearby. Beaches we regularly use include Terrigal Beach, The Beach at Magenta Shores, Putty Beach, Toowoon Bay & Wamberal Beach. For the other conference venues we work with on the Central Coast including Mantra Ettalong, Mercure Kooindah Waters, Raffertys Resort & Noonaweena, we would modify the activity to suit a large grassed area & host a Mini Olympics instead.

Amazing Race

Amazing Race teams running

We have multiple versions of our Amazing Race activity that we can tailor to suit your conference venue. Venues such as Crowne Plaza Terrigal & the Mantra Ettalong are best suited to our Amazing Race Urban Search, where teams navigate their way around the local urban streets undertaking team-based challenges as well as collecting scavenger items & completing photo missions. Conference resorts such as Pullman Magenta Shores, Mercure Kooindah Waters & Raffertys Resort are better suited to our Amazing Race onsite version, where teams navigate their way around the conference venue undertaking team challenges and solving IQ tests that have been hidden in different locations around the resort.  


Photo on smart device of a team jumping

The Scramble activity is a modified version of our Amazing Race suited to teams that might be tight on time or budget. Similar to the Amazing Race, the Scramble can be tailored to suit a Resort or City/Urban area.

Morning Exercise Sessions

What better way to kick off the day than with a morning exercise session! Whether it’s a bootcamp on the beach, an indoor yoga or simply a morning walk – we have an exercise session to suit your team. Exercise sessions include:

Yoga: No longer the back-breaking moves of old, Modern Yoga is surprisingly effective as a form of exercise, flexibility training, and relaxation.

Pilates: A challenging workout for a fitter and stronger individual, Pilates promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and conscious muscle control.

Zumba: As soon as your delegates hear the music they will want to shake and shimmy their way through this morning session – lots of laughs!

Gym Circuit: Utilising the resort or hotel gym, Pinnacle will design a program to suit numbers and ability levels. Loads of fun and a good way to do some weight training.

Tai Chi: This ancient martial art used in modern times is the most peaceful way to exercise. Promoting improved joint range of motion, breathing, circulation, muscle tone and focusing of the mind.

Morning Walk: This session involves a long or short walk and can also include some stretching techniques. The walk explores the surrounds of the conference venue.

Boot Camp: An outdoor cardio circuit with plenty of variety suitable for all fitness levels. Designed to get your heart-rate up with simple movements.

Boxercise: Wake your delegates up with the fast pace of Boxercise. Designed to be a high heart rate session that encompasses fitness, boxing technique and lots of movement. No contact occurs.

Sandcastle Competition – Contact us for more info!

A traditional team building event where teams will be competing against each other in a Sandcastle Competition on the beach. The group will be given advice on how to create the best sandcastle and achieve impressive results with East Coast Australian sand.

Each team will be issued with equipment to build their castle that includes:

  • Buckets of various sizes
  • Etching tools
  • Paint brushes
  • Craft supplies: Flags & Dagwood dog sticks

Prize Categories Include:

  • Tallest Tower – The tallest overall sand castle measured from ground to the top tip.
  • Longest Bridge Span – The longest self-supported bridge span.
  • Deepest Moat – The deepest moat with water will win this prize.
  • Best Detailing – The sandcastle using the most detail and effect.
  • Best on Show – The overall best Sandcastle of them all!

Cocktail Master Class

What could be more relaxing than finishing off a day of conferencing with a Cocktail Master Class? The Cocktail Master Class will give your team the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm in an exciting and interactive environment! This fantastic event is hosted by our team of professional bottle spinners who will start the evening with a bells and whistles demonstration of cocktail making followed by a master class in the art of mixing drinks. Your group will make four delicious cocktails throughout the duration of the class, with the first three cocktails being preselected from our list of 13 cocktails. Think of all the classics; Cosmopolitan, Martini, Mojito and many more!

For the fourth and final cocktail the competition begins! Your delegates will get shaking and stirring to design their very own unique cocktail. All ingredients and equipment will be readily available to get the creative juices mixing & flowing! Teams will be judged by our Cocktail Master on taste, the enticing name of their cocktail and a sales pitch which they must present in front of the group.

Blimp My Ride

Teams must design and build their very own blimp that will fly across the conference room. This fun and colourful challenge sees teams using enormous helium balloons and a variety of resources to create a blimp. Teams have the chance to gain extra resources by solving team based challenges. The more successful your team is at the challenges the more resources you will attain.

The scrap heap includes cardboard, tape, string, weights, propellers, balloons, fans, paper clips, pens, paper and much more. It is up to the team to attach their resources aiming to transport their blimp from one side of the conference room to the other. This event is fun, interactive and engaging for all. It requires design, creativity, construction, ingenuity and will finish with a sky of colour.

Option One: 60 – 90 minutes

Teams are given equal equipment to build their Blimps, and the final flying challenge will test the overall success of the task.

Option Two: 2 – 3 hours

Teams must earn the pieces of their Blimp by successfully completing a series of team based tasks.

Tikes on Bikes

The Concept

Tikes on Bikes is a unique activity that provides delegates with an immense sense of achievement, unity and pride in their company.

Delegates will assemble a brand new bike out of the box under the assumption someone from within the team will race their newly built bike. However the twist occurs in the tail of the event when the delegates donate the brand new bikes to underprivileged kids from a local charity group.

How It Works

Delegates will be divided into teams and participate in a lead in activity. As part of the final challenge, teams are presented with a box containing parts to build a bike. They will be lead to believe that each team will need to nominate a champion cyclist to compete in the BMX race. The team who wins the BMX race will win the activity.

Just before the bikes are taken outside for the race delegates will be informed that they are actually donating the bikes they have built to underprivileged children. Each child will be specifically matched up with a bike of the right size and given a helmet so they can begin riding immediately.

Delegates will have the opportunity to personally give the bikes to the children and get photos of the unique experience.